27 Popular And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter B In May 2023


Naming a child is a great occasion that can be enhanced with a beautiful name for the child.

Is it wonderful news that you and your partner are soon to become parents, or have you recently welcomed a lovely little princess into your home? In all circumstances, you should be looking for a simple, unique, and meaningful baby name. Also, naming a child is a great occasion that can be enhanced with a nice name for the child.

What’s in a name, as William Shakespeare said? In this case, his name is the only thing that will define his entire identity and personality for everyone in the room; your name alone will distinguish you from everyone else. Also, naming a child is one of the most important, memorable and auspicious days in the life of any parent, and a name can have specific characteristics: it can be easy to pronounce, fit the personality, be pleasant to listen to, and have a nice meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. So, to save you time, we have compiled a list of some of the simplest, most original, and most meaningful names for your little princess.

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Unique Christian baby names with the letter “B”

  1. Baby- Princess, Queen
  2. Badai- Wonder, Marvel
  3. Banu- Princes
  4. Bara- To choose
  5. Baaria- Originator
  6. Baillie a form of bailey
  7. Basha- Polish daughter of God, Foreign
  8. Beatrix- The one who blesses
  9. becca bound, tied up
  10. becky bound
  11. Beautiful beautiful
  12. Bellinda- pretty
  13. Belah- Destroying
  14. Belinda- beautiful
  15. pretty belsiya
  16. Bency- right hand of Jesus Christ
  17. Beny- Blessed
  18. Benedict – Blessed
  19. Bensy – Beloved, Victoria
  20. Bekkie- She is the servant of God
  21. Berina- The princess of precious jewels
  22. Bern – young woman
  23. Bernardine: tough as a bear, brave as a bear, female version of Bernard, from an old German complex
  24. Berenice- One who brings victory
  25. Bertina- Brilliant, Brilliant
  26. Beryl- precious stone, a jewel
  27. Bessie-God’s Promise
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