Alexis Morris arrested? LSU to punish Iowa’s ‘disrespectful’ defense

Alexis Morris

LSU guard Alexis Morris said Saturday, April 1, 2023, that the way the Iowa Hawkeyes challenged the South Carolina guards to take their shots in Iowa’s Final Four victory was disrespectful. Alexis Morris went on to say that Iowa would have to face the Tigers differently in the championship game. Meanwhile, the Hawkeyes opted to close the paint in their stunning 77-73 win over the No. 1 Gamecocks, so the strategy worked. Since Alexis Morris gave this statement, fans have been curious to know the matter in detail. However, we have explored the matter and discussed it in detail. So stay attached to this page and you should check out the next section. Read it to the end.

Alexis Morris arrested?

In particular, Iowa focused on letting Raven Johnson easily beat them. Also, a video that has made its way all over social media sites shows the Hawkeyes’ Caitlin Clark ignoring Raven Johnson with a flick of her wrist, apparently point guard Johnson was completely unprotected. Alexis Morris went on to add: “I watched the game and I’m watching them defend South Carolina. I don’t think they can protect us that way”, scroll down the page and read more details.

alexis morris

Alexis said she doesn’t think they can leave it open on the perimeter. She found it very disrespectful and took it personally going into that match. Alexis said, “You’re going to have to protect us. That’s just the competitor in me and the will to win.” While Clark added that the particular game plan was to pick her game against South Carolina. Scroll down the page and see what Clark added the most.

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Alexis Morris

Clark claimed that they were not supposed to protect LSU like they did South Carolina. Clark further added, with South Carolina, you have to pick your poison. If they were going to beat us, we were going to leave it on the 3-point line. You have to pick and choose your battles.” So they couldn’t protect everything and that’s the way basketball is played. “If you have a scout and you know the player personally. What are you going to leave? Clark further added that they had all the respect in the world for SC, especially their post game. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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