American man’s fluent Hindi rant about Samosa price disparity goes viral, watch

American man's fluent Hindi rant about Samosa price disparity goes viral, watch

In an unexpected turn of events, a fluent Hindi-speaking US citizen took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the high prices of samosas in the US compared to their affordable fares in India.

This remarkable display of language prowess, combined with sheer poignancy, emphasizes the cultural and gastronomic incompatibilities immigrants experience as they travel across the varied landscape of their chosen country.

Drew Hicks, an American, can be seen fiercely articulating his concerns in fluent Hindi in a video that has since gone viral. While samosas are a popular and inexpensive snack in India, they often cost around Rs. 20, its American cousin can cost up to Rs. 500.

Samosas have a special meaning in Indian food and culture. They are a famous street food item that is appreciated by people from all walks of life. Samosas are not just a snack in India, but also a symbol of affordability and accessibility.

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American Man’s Hindi rant on Samosa Price difference: Rs. 20 against Rs. 500

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Drew Hicks posted the video on his official Instagram account with the caption, “They used to be 5 rupees a piece when I was a kid 😂.” He posted a clip of himself sitting in a restaurant. “India mein two samosa ka 20 rupees lagega, yaha pe two samosas ka 500 rupya hai,” he can be heard saying. Further, he added, “Bihar chalo wapas chalte hai bhai.”

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Let’s see how the internet reacted to this Samosa story

It’s been quite some time since the video was shared on social media, and so far, it has amassed 331,000 views, 31.1,000 likes, and lots of funny comments. The clip has funny comments and a few people have shared a similar story. So, let’s now look at the comments!

One person commented, “The guy isn’t even Indian but he’s still converting foreign currency to INR.” Another person said: “When I first saw the price of samosa in other countries, I lost my mind, this is the same everywhere, Japan, Korea or London, USA.” “Brother, stop right there, let’s start the business,” said the next person.

american manInstagram/indiadrew77

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