Android phone spy software to track remote GPS locations

Android Phone Spy Software to Track Remote GPS Locations

Children often leave home without being informed, then someone lures them away with an excuse, and sometimes children go to the wrong places with friends without parental permission. Also, when an employee sees that the employer is busy in a meeting or something, he leaves the company with his colleagues or visits another department for no reason.

Both parents and businesses face problems in such situations. For example, if the children join bad company and the parents don’t know about it, that gradually affects the child and the parents realize later when they can’t do anything to prevent their children. Similarly, the performance of individual employees affects the task performance of the entire team.

To track kids and employees all the time spy technology provides GPS tracking system. Although GPS tracking systems have been around for many years, spying technology has made it more convenient for parents and businesses to secretly track children and employees. TheOneSpy is a famous mobile tracking app that offers special tracking apps for Android devices. Let’s see the details of this app to spy on Android phones.

TheOneSpy GPS Location Tracker App

TheOneSpy is itself a powerful spy software that provides multiple applications to spy on different activities on any device. It also provides special apps for Android devices, which work smoothly with all versions of Android phones.

TOS GPS location tracker allows the user to monitor their loved ones or the exact location of the employee. A user can see the live location and can take action if a targeted person is doing something harmful. TOS location tracker is the choice of millions because it provides accurate information and user can rely on it with confidence.

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TheOneSpy serves users with four different ways of GPS tracking. Let’s discuss the different features of the TOS GPS location tracker separately, how each one works, and how it helps users.

1- Real Time Location Tracker

Finding the exact location of your target person is only possible with TOS real-time location tracker. As long as the user sends the command to an online portal to view the live location, it will immediately start working. This watchdog feature keeps parents and employer concerns at bay. It also allows them to monitor the exact location if a child/employee is lying to them. If a user is busy anywhere, the TOS also allows them to send an automatic recording command of the locations visited by a target person.

2- View location history

If a user does not have time to track their target person all the time or daily, TOS allows them to send instructions to automatically record the live location. After recording the live location, the TOS sends all the recordings to the user’s online portal. Thus, the user can view the location history on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on the package. GPS location history logger records all live locations with exact time and date that users can easily monitor where their loved one/employee goes often.

To get this wonderful feature, all you need is to get a TOS GPS location tracker subscription from TOS online website. Spending three minutes of the installation process, you can start instant monitoring.

3- Tracking without GPS

It is an amazing feature of TOS that allows the user to track a specific device without GPS. All that requires the call and SMS of the target phone on the users phone. It works precisely and does not create any problems. Without any delay, you can get the benefit of this amazing feature.

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4- Location via SMS

In this, the user needs to send an SMS to the target Android phone to track the live location. Once the messages are sent, the user can instantly track the live location of the target person. It provides an exact location in real time so that users can react without fear.

Apart from TheOneSpy GPS Location Tracker, TOS also allows the user to check the GPS status of the target phone through their device information (feature). User can remotely track whether GPS is on or not.


We conclude that TheOneSpy is a powerful Android phone spy app for cell phones that makes it easy for users by performing four different ways of tracking. With time, TheOneSpy will bring more innovative features for user to track anyone more conveniently.

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