Apple and Google team up to stop Bluetooth tracking devices

Apple and Google to Stop Bluetooth Tracking Devices

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Apple and Google said Tuesday that they are working together to prevent lost and found devices, such as AirTags, from being used to track people without their permission.

As part of a suggested industry standard, companies would add alerts for third-party Bluetooth trackers that are tracking you without your permission to future versions of iOS and Android.

In 2021, Apple introduced AirTags, which are tiny chips that can help people find lost things like keys and wallets. It connects to the Apple network via Bluetooth, so you can connect to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac from anywhere. But it wasn’t long before people heard that the $30 devices were being used to spy on people without their knowledge. Apple has since added features to its iPhones that let users know when unknown AirTags have been following them for a long time.

However, some people think that Apple has not done enough to prevent stalkers and criminals from using AirTags to track their victims. This year, an Arkansas law firm joined a nationwide lawsuit against the tech giant over security concerns.

News on Tuesday says that Android users may also receive a warning if AirTag is tracking them without their permission.

The draft plan has been endorsed by Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, Eufy Security and Pebblebee, according to an announcement made on Tuesday. The plan will tell manufacturers what to do if they decide to add features to their products that track where they are.

Apple and Google said the specifications for the unwanted tracking alert features would be finalized by the end of 2023 and then placed “in future versions of iOS and Android.”

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