Bada Mangal 2023: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Meaning & Other Important Details for Jyestha’s Latest Bada Mangal


Bada Mangal 2023: The last Bada Mangal of the Jyestha month of 2023 will be observed on May 30, 2023. Scroll down to know more.

Bada Mangal 2023 – Tuesdays in the month of Jyestha are considered to be exceptionally auspicious and pious in the Hindu community. According to popular legends, worshiping Lord Hanuman during this occasion can bring fruitful results for the devotees. Bada Mangal is also known as Budhwa Mangalwar and is also considered as an important astrological event.

Bada Mangal 2023: date and time of the last Bada Mangal

As per the Hindu calendar, the last Bada Mangal of the Jyestha month of 2023 will be observed on May 30, 2023. Along with the observance of the last Bada Mangal, the country will also witness Ganga Dussehra celebrations.

Bada Mangal 2023: Meaning

Every Tuesday of the month of Jyestha, Hindus across the country worship Lord Hanuman. On this particular occasion, devotees present Lord Hanuman with a garland and halwa puri or any delicious food. The bhog offered to the impoverished is then distributed among the needy and the poor. According to the common belief, doing so helps in solving problems related to Mars.

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Bada Mangal 2023: Mantras To Sing

Om Han Hanumante Namah

Om hanumate rudratmakaya hun phat

Om Namo Hanumate Rudravatarai, the destroyer of all enemies, the destroyer of all diseases, the destroyer of all enemies.

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Adidev Namastubhyam Saptasapte Diwakar. Twam Rave Taray Swasmansmatsansar Sagarat.

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