Def Noodles controversy and drama explained

Def Noodles

Def Noodles, whose real name is Dennis Feitosa, is an online drama reporter, podcaster, and Youtuber who covers teas and rumors about internet celebrities and other content creators. He is popularly known for his daily YouTube series Irrelevant News, where he covers celebrity and influencer drama in comedic fashion through his character Def Noodles.

Def Noodles controversy and drama explained

Feitosa began her YouTube career in 2018 and became increasingly popular in the 2020s as she transitioned from reaction and commentary content to dramatic reporting. In 2022, Feitosa filed a lawsuit against Keemstar for defamation after Keemstar falsely accused Feitosa of allegedly being a pedophile. In the same year, he became the subject of controversy after joking that content creator Papa Gut looks like a pedophile.

Before the drama began, Def Noodles uploaded reaction and comment videos on the YouTube platform, posted on October 27, 2018. The most viewed video on the channel, which was uploaded in December 2018, is a reaction to singer Warren Laban singing ‘Alone Heart’ which garnered more than 6.4 million views in a span of four years.

definition noodles

Later, in November 2019, he began regularly reporting on online dramas through his own channel. In those videos, Feitosa analyzed popular drama and online stories using humor. Between 2019 and late 2021, she played the character of a ‘cat’ in ‘Minecraft’ represented by wearing cat ear headphones and glasses and wearing a Minecraft house background. However, he dropped the character at the end of 2021.

Everything was going well, but suddenly, on July 13, 2021, her Twitter account was suspended, forcing Feitosa to mainly use Def Noodles’ Instagram page. Feitosa posted a now-deleted Twitter on her second account about the suspension the same day, @gowithdennis stating that she received many emails from Twitter saying people were reporting her account. After the suspension, Def began to insinuate that the mass of Keemstar fans must have reported his account to ban it, although these claims were not verified. In July 2022, Twitter got back on its feet. The Def Noodles Twitter account. Later, he discussed the reinstatement on an episode of his podcast on July 8.

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definition noodles

On August 19, 2022, amid backlash over his feud with Papa Gut and his age discrepancy drama, he hosted the first in a series of roast battles at his newly opened comedy club. The battle was broadcast online on Twitter and YouTube, receiving more than 60,000 views in one week.

The roast battle was heavily criticized by the LGBTQ+ community with numerous live commentaries reacting to it. On August 21, someone posted a video reacting to him, calling him out for being embarrassing, getting over 5 million views in 5 days.

definition noodles

The second super roast battle was held on September 2, 2022, Feitosa hosted the second ‘Super Asado Batte’ event at his comedy club. Salvo Pancakes, an internet commentator and critic of Feitosa, attended the event to have a barbecue battle with Feitosa. Her trip to Los Angeles was sponsored by Red Bar Radio. Before the event started, Salvo took the stage and had the crowd chanting ‘Red Bar’. Feitosa came out of the backstage and was pushed into the crowd.

There are several other controversies that Def got into, including the 2022 feud with Papa Gut, Kat Tenbarge, and many more. Def Noodles has over 149,000 active Twitter followers, 100,000 Instagram followers and up to 590,000 YouTube subscribers. Later, on January 19, 2022, Def Noodles opened a second YouTube channel dedicated to his podcast, called The Def Noodles Show, a long-form podcast similar to Irrevelant News where he discusses everything that has happened in life. of the. We can conclude that Def Noodles had a hard life with many controversies.

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