How to Increase the Life of your Gadgets?

How to increase the life of your gadgets? / 1

This is the age of fast food, fast fashion, fast cars, and fast technology. This isn’t just about the high-speed Internet you get with Charter Spectrum cable. The truth is, this era is defined by the need for something new, all the time. For example, instead of investing in durable clothing, people prefer to buy affordable brands in bulk and dispose of them quickly. And so the cycle of consumption continues. What’s amazing is that this is how people now treat even more expensive items like tech gadgets.

A lot of it has to do with marketing and brands causing their products to have a shorter shelf life. But you don’t always have to fall for that. Fortunately, there are ways you can easily extend the life of your devices and get the most out of them for longer. By following these simple tips, you won’t believe how long your devices last.

Don’t overload your devices

Overcharging electrical devices is probably the most common mistake people tend to make. If you’re like most people, you probably set your devices to charge overnight. However, it’s a bad idea! These days, devices don’t take that long to fully power up. And if you keep your devices plugged in even after they’ve been fully charged, you risk weakening your batteries. So try charging your phone and other devices for a few hours during the day, and then remember to unplug them. Also, don’t keep your laptop always plugged in when you’re using it. Instead, let the battery drain to at least 50% before plugging in the charger.

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Regularly clean your devices

This is essential maintenance for almost everything in the world. However, people seem to ignore it when it comes to technological devices. To realize its importance, just think of all the places your phone travels with you. Of course, it accumulates a lot of dirt along the way. You may come back after a long day at work and shower every day, but what about your gadgets? Or, what if you stopped showering for as long as you left your dirty gadgets? Most likely, even you do not feel like living for long. At the very least, your housemates can plan your murder.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the hygiene of all your devices. Regularly deep clean your devices by opening them up or hire a professional to do it for you. This would ensure that all your internal machinery continues to run smoothly. Also, the same applies to internal cleansing. Make it a habit to regularly delete unnecessary apps, photos, files, and cache from your device. This will allow your devices to keep working without lag or crashes.

Install software updates on time

Don’t delay updating the software on your devices if you want them to last. Manufacturers continue to push updates to fix bugs and improve your user experience. So please don’t keep clicking the “remind me later” button. Otherwise, it may be too late!

Protect your hardware

No matter how advanced today’s devices are, they are still delicate. Therefore, always protect your equipment with covers and cases. For smartphones, be sure to invest in a high-quality glass protector and durable case to protect all sides. For your cameras and laptops, buy dedicated bags that will protect them during travel and storage.

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Keep your devices cool

It can be tempting to use your laptop in bed for hours, but it also drains your life. If you keep the computer on cloth, cushions, or your lap for a long time, it will get hot. This will affect your internal machinery and performance. Therefore, be sure to work on an insulated surface or use a laptop stand designed for this purpose. Similarly, never leave your phone, laptop, or other electrical devices exposed to strong sunlight or heat. Also, running too many programs on your devices for too long can heat them up. So, try to give your devices a break from time to time.

Get professional maintenance

Just like humans need spa or rest days to function long-term, your devices could also benefit from professional maintenance. So, whenever you feel that your devices are acting strangely or need some repair, visit a professional. They will not only fix existing problems you may have, but also delay or prevent future problems.

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