How to Send Large Files: The 6 Best Ways to Transfer Them for Free

Large Files Transfer

Do you know how to send large files for free? I am sharing here the 6 best ways to send large files. Currently, you can send all documents, including books, photos, and videos digitally. This function is really very useful. You can receive what you want on your computer or mobile device.

For a few decades now, email has been the medium by which we receive a wide variety of documents. But there will be problems with larger files. This fact raises the question: how to send large files?

Fortunately, there are many free and paid alternatives that can be your ideal ally for sending heavy documents. Some can even be used on your mobile. GoAnywhere offers a fast and reliable way to move or share your file transfer in the cloud.

Large files and the limitations of emails

Most of us love the “free” services that are available to use on the web. But the issue that follows is that they present us with a limited service.

This principle applies in the case of free emails, where a maximum storage of 10 to 15 GB is usually offered. But it is not all at the same time. You will be allowed to store by the accumulation of emails; regardless of the tray where they are.

But the question arises, how much is the upload limit per file? A common upper limit is 15-25MB for each uploaded file. When we consider that most documents, which are shared on a daily basis, far exceed these limits.

Comforting Solutions for Sending Large Files by Email

Several tools have been made available that can fix the problem of sending files that exceed the upload limit. I mean file compressors (WINRAR or WINZIP) or file separators (AX).

In the case of compressors, these are useful tools capable of considerably reducing the size of several files in a single compressed file. It allows sending a single package in a reduced size.

However, this may not be enough, and even if you have compressed your files. It still exceeds the allowed threshold.

When it is not possible to compress to an acceptable size, you can split the file into several smaller parts. WINRAR and WINZIP compressors manage to perform this operation, as well as specialized programs for this purpose such as AX.

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You can choose the size of the pieces by dividing the file. Then, you’ll mail the large file in multiple parts. Whoever receives the email with the pieces will only have to download them and join them again using the same program. The problem arises when the file is too large, since the number of pieces would be too large.

This method was used for many years, but it is still in use with the advent of large cloud storage. These have become the most viable and practical alternative for sending large files to email contacts.

How to Send Large Files: The 6 Best Ways to Transfer Files

The evolution of technology has boosted the management of large files. Some of these files can be:

  • media files
  • Software and Applications
  • powerpoint slides
  • High Resolution Images (PSD)
  • RAW files
  • professions designs

Cloud storage has been a definitive solution that allows you to “send” or share these files on the network. What is actually done is to send a link that directs our receiver to the hosting or cloud server. The file in question is in the cloud, which allows it to be accessed and shared for its management.

Here is a list of the best sites for sending large files.

  1. Google Drive

This is one of the best shipping tools since almost everyone has a Google account. Therefore, its use is very easy. In case you don’t have an account, you can sign up from Gmail, where opening is done in a few steps. So if you want to send a very large file via mail, all you have to do is attach it to the Google Drive cloud. Next, I will explain how to send large files through it.

  • Open your email (Gmail)
  • Put yourself in the writing section
  • Press the Drive option
  • Click on “+ New”
  • You will have the option to upload a file or folder
  • Browse your computer for the file or folder you want to attach
  • Select the “Insert” option
  • Wait for your file to finish uploading. (Time will depend on the size and speed of your connection)
  • When it’s uploaded to your virtual drive, just right click on it and select the “Share” option
  • Choose the email address you want to send it to, add a note if you want, and finally click “Send”
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As you may have noticed, sending documents via Google Drive Cloud is very easy to use. A highlight of this application is the fact that it has encryption that protects your documents completely. It is important to note that the free version of this tool gives you 15 GB of storage. If you decide to purchase its paid version, you will get a total of 5 TB.

  1. Telegram

An excellent alternative to send files that you do not want to be compressed. Although it is a tough opponent of the WhatsApp social network, its storage capacity per file of 1.5 GB without compression, positions it as an efficient tool for sending large files. If you want to know how to transfer files from Telegram, here are some ways to do it: To transfer files from Telegram, tap on the contact you want to share the file with. Next, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of your Telegram app and then click on “File Transfer”. and selecting the file you want to transfer, click the send button.

Although you must have an affiliated mobile number to use this wonderful network, it is not a limitation. You can use Telegram without problems from your computer without depending on the use of a Smartphone. The total file accumulation capacity has no limits.telegram file transfer

Private channel creations give you the power to apply restrictions. You are invited to join and have access to the files. The encryption is virtually impenetrable which is sure to keep you quiet about confidentiality concerns.

  1. transfer now

This tool created since 2013 gives you the option to send up to 20 GB for each transfer in its Premium version. If you don’t want to pay for these services, with TransferNow you can send up to 4 GB for free. One outstanding aspect is that you can use it from any mobile device without the need for registration.

It also has a premium version in which you can send 500 files per transfer with a weight of 20GB. In addition, there are other very interesting functions. Now, you can enjoy a free trial with no obligation. Thus, you will be able to verify if this tool is what you are looking for.

  1. terashare
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Terashare is excellent for sending large files, as it combines a P2P download system with uploading from the cloud. P2P (Peer to Peer) mode allows the recipient to access the shared file directly from the sending computer.

This feature is very innovative and peculiar, being the case that you do not want to mount the file in the cloud or, failing that, exceed 10 GB in weight.

Obviously, it is necessary to keep the equipment turned on and an active network connection to allow access and sending. If the file in question is larger than 10 GB, you can activate the feature by downloading it from computer to computer. One highlight is that it gives you powerful RC4 encryption.

  1. mailbox

A massive storage server that has managed to earn its place on the network. Among its benefits, it allows you to create and share folders through links. Users can send later via email.

Not only will you be able to create folders, but you will also have the possibility to manage them as you wish, deleting, moving or deleting them. It is fully compatible with different operating systems as it offers an installable applet.

The free version offers up to 2 GB of storage and has the option to edit office documents and play online videos. To receive access to the files hosted on it, it is not necessary to be registered.

  1. we transfer

You will mention WeTransfer as one of the most used alternatives to send large files for free. It is possible to send large files directly by mail or by invitation through a link.

Its Free modality allows the transfer of files of up to 2GB and it is not mandatory to register on this platform. Shared files are available for your use and access for a period of 7 days. Then you will delete them.

In case you want to take full advantage of its potential by purchasing its Plus version, this server will empower you with the possibility of sending files of 20 GB in weight and a total storage of 100 GB. WeTransfer Plus offers increased data access security with password protection.

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