How to use popups to generate more leads?


As you think about taking your business to the next level, a wide range of tools can come in handy. Among them are well-known pop-ups, which someone may call a controversial option. But what is its true essence? Let’s find out why most businesses and businesses still use them and you should too.

What are popup windows and why use them?

Popups are dialog boxes that appear on a website while you’re scrolling. They can be of various types and content, but the main goal is to provide a so-called intent to action, potentially leading to grabbing a customer’s attention and therefore increasing sales and engagement.

How to use popups effectively?

Floating blocks are being widely used by most companies, including the largest and most successful. Taking the Amazon website as an example, a new user immediately sees the notification about the ability to log in and a pop-up window with information about delivery by country. At the same time, numerous ad-blockers for web browsers appear, as pop-ups are often considered annoying. So the question is, how to use them effectively?

The right timing can turn an annoying floating box into a useful tool that will lead the user to increased engagement and potential agreement. Existing widget scenarios include time period (a popup will be displayed only during a specific time), scrolled more than 50% (when a user reaches a certain part of the page), time on page or site current etc Having tested various types of scenarios will allow for higher engagement and improve conversion rates.

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Choosing the right template is also a crucial part as the first thing to notice is the design and layout of the popups. According to the Sleeknote survey, popups with images showed higher conversions compared to those with only text. Adding an image simply makes a floating box more visible and attractive. A simple and understandable layout with a visible Close button will not detract from the overall impression of a website.

The effectiveness of pop-up windows with and without image. Source: Sleeknote

Probably the most important part of popups is their content. Due to the precise wording, the desired result can be easily achieved. The main idea behind every popup that appears should be to create a win-win situation for a potential customer to get something in return. In some cases, receiving weekly notifications may not be as attractive as getting a discount or free shipping. So the next step would be to decide on one of the emerging options, which would best suit the needs of the customers.

Typically, pop-ups may suggest signing up for more emails and notifications by email or phone number (some may also include social networks) or redirect a customer to any other page. A more useful option might be a chat button.

What are live chats and why use them?

Live chats are the tools that allow users to get in touch with customer service. They allow instant communication responding to the immediate needs of users. Live chats have proven to be extremely effective. According to a Statista survey, published in 2020, more than 83% of customers were satisfied with its use. On the official Samsung website, a live chat is used to facilitate the purchase process. It is also worth noting the convenient function of choosing a place for a live chat, which can be opened both on the official page and in one of the messengers of the user’s choice.

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How to use popupsOverall customer satisfaction rate with live chats. Source: Statista

Live chats are also useful in terms of data collection and analysis. Based on previous live chat sessions and user behavior on a website, it is possible to evaluate the data to make the whole process more efficient and avoid unnecessary explanations.

They can increase productivity by collecting personal data, such as age or location, giving a more complete understanding of the audience. With a customization option, live chats can fit into a website design very organically.

final thoughts

Popups and live chats are among the already traditional but quite important tools. Due to their high efficiency, which can be observed based on various statistics and surveys, they are widely used by different companies.

Choosing the right timing and format of a popup will help increase conversion rate and keep in touch with customers. In customer cases, helpful popups and live chats will streamline the entire process and lead to maximum satisfaction.

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