How to use your phone to detect a hidden camera in a room: a step by step guide

How to Use Your Phone to Detect Hidden Camera

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Don’t want to be recorded without your consent? You wouldn’t believe it, but your smartphone has a secret trick that allows it to easily detect hidden cameras. Here, we will instruct you.

People are increasingly concerned about their privacy in the digital realm. It is common practice to take precautions to safeguard personal information and avoid sharing information that may compromise security. When capturing images or videos of other people to post on social media, it is crucial to get their consent beforehand. On occasion, however, we may be recorded without permission in a location with hidden cameras, which may constitute an invasion of privacy. What methods exist to detect these cameras? After this we will demonstrate a smartphone hack.

It is essential to note that despite the fact that it is a practical solution, few Android and iPhone users are aware of it. Accordingly, pay close attention as it can save you from trouble.

How to detect hidden cameras with your phone?

Using infrared light technology, surveillance cameras are equipped with a night vision feature that allows them to capture images in dark rooms. You have to rely on the ToF sensor of your phone’s camera to detect it.

To spot a hidden recorder, you need to examine the front and back lenses of your phone. Therefore, the ToF sensor will help you accurately locate the hidden IR emitting device.

So, turn off all the lights and point your phone at the environment as if you were recording. If an infrared appears on your screen, you have successfully located the device.

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For added security, you can choose to record with the spotlight on, and then inspect walls, electrical outlets, and any other suspicious-looking objects. The same logic applies: the hidden camera will produce a reflection on your smartphone.

Why is WhatsApp temporarily suspending some accounts?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging platform in our day to day. In addition to being a useful tool for communicating with friends and family, many users also use it to perform work-related tasks or run their businesses. Therefore, it can be quite annoying to find the “temporarily suspended” message in the Meta app. In this situation, it is essential to understand the root cause of the problem and possible solutions to address it effectively.

If you’ve received a message within WhatsApp that your account has been “temporarily suspended”, you may be using an unofficial version of the app instead of the official one. This situation usually arises when users install prohibited variants of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus, which are known as MODs.

Not only the use of unauthorized versions of WhatsApp is a reason for account suspension, but also data extraction. Data mining involves acquiring information automatically or manually, both in specific amounts and in large amounts, for unauthorized purposes. This includes the acquisition of user data from the application, such as phone numbers, profile pictures and status updates, which is strictly prohibited by the rules of the messaging service.

Is it safe to charge your phone using the USB connector on some airplane seats? According to Movilzona, a technology-focused website, the USB ports that some airplane seats have can be extremely useful in an emergency, such as when your mobile phone’s battery runs out. is about to die. However, their use is not recommended as some can be damaged due to high volume of users.

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Using a faulty USB port to charge your smartphone can be dangerous for your battery, according to the post. Therefore, if you are going on a very long trip, you should always pack a power bank (external battery) in your hand luggage that can recharge your device not once, but several times.

To speed up the process and reduce the time you must be without your precious cell phone, experts advise turning off the device while it is charging, although you can also activate its airplane mode. Thus, you will no longer have to wait several hours for your cell phone battery to fully charge.

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