Ilyssa Levy, Illymation drama and controversy explained


Illyssa Levy, popularly known as Illymation, is an American Youtuber who is a storyteller entertainer. She was born on September 15, 1997. Her best-known video series is a trilogy chronicling her experiences with her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her combined channel has over 94 million views and her main channel has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Ilyssa Levy, Illymation Drama and Controversy

In her early life, Illyssa Levy was born in North Carolina. She attended Franklinton High School, in North Carolina. When she was a teenager, she worked for Chic-Fil-A and at an ice cream parlor. At the age of 13, she entered into a relationship with a man named Haris, who was four years her senior. According to her, he was abusive and forced her to send nude photos of minors.


Levy always wanted to go to East Carolina University, which was in her state, but due to pressure from her ex-boyfriend, she moved to California for higher education. She would be used to attending Laguna College of Art and Design, studying animation, with initial expectations of working in an animation studio. This time, she and Haris would continue dating, but after continuing the abuse, she decided to break up with him. But the damage was done as she said it’s hard for me to fall in love again, hard to trust again and it was hard for her to understand the true meaning of relationships.


According to her career, she opened a YouTube channel in 2018. She showed the full story of her abusive relationship through the trilogy of videos that turned out to be her most popular uploads. Her first video in the series garnered over 12 million views as of 2018. These videos jumpstarted her channel. She also had the opportunity to work with other YouTubers, namely Alex Clark, Emirichu, Wolfychu, and Something Else YT. She has also featured the likes of Katzun and Odd1Sout on her channel.

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She has occasionally released music, ‘Zodiac Signs’ and ‘Beautiful’, in which she recounts her struggles with self-harm and suicidal ideation. Aside from his YouTube channel, she has appeared on Anthony Padilla’s series. He also appeared in the FBE series React. She was featured in YouTube Rewind 2018. She also contributed to Embarrassing Times to be recognized as a multi-artist project made for Odd1Sout’s channel. She had planned a tour with Emirichu, Ginger Pale, and Life Noggin, but it was later cancelled.


On a personal level, he is a Democrat and has participated in activist issues. She is open about the abuse of her relationship, as she has been through an abusive one. She describes herself as ‘bi or pan’. According to her Twitter bio, she uses she/they pronouns. Levy has a brother named Graham. She was in a relationship with a man named Calvin, and later with fellow entertainer Tanimayto, but they have since broken up. She has two cats, one named Luigi and the other named Juniper. Unfortunately, her family cat, Cheeto, died.

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