iPhone12 will launch on October 13, storage configurations leaked

iPhone 6 Plus

The next iPhone models are expected to be launched at an event on October 13. Prior to its launch, the iPhone 12 variants and storage configurations had been shared by a well-known whistleblower on Twitter.

The tipster mentions the iPhone 12 mini in the post, which he claims is the final marketing name. The ‘mini’ iPhone first came to light last week, thanks to another insider. However, he did not share any further details about it. He was mentioned again by another insider, a few days ago, NDTV reports.

The latest development came on a twitter posted by well-known tipster Jon Prosser. He claimed that the iPhone 12 mini, which is “definitely the final marketing name,” will come in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options.

The ‘mini’ iPhone has been mentioned as the smaller variant of the iPhone 12 according to multiple leaks in the past. Twitter user @L0vetodream first mentioned it last week. After a few days, leaked images showed alleged unreleased silicone iPhone case stickers, branding the iPhone 12 mini again.

The iPhone 12 will come in the same three storage configurations, Prosser claims in his post. The tipster said that storage options on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will start at 128GB.

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He also added that Apple will hold an event on October 13 where it will unveil the new iPhone 12 models. Earlier, the tipster tweeted that pre-orders for the phones will begin on October 16 and the phones will hit stores on October 23. October.

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Apple has not shared the date of the event or the details of the iPhone 12 models so far.

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