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When it came to connectivity connectors, Apple’s arguments were always convoluted. While USB Type-C for MacBooks was quick to accept, the company has no plans to replace the old Lightning port with USB Type-C. Apple, on the other hand, may now be forced to include a USB Type-C connector on its iPhones. For a long time, the European Union has been fighting for a universal charger and charging connector for all cell phones.

For Android smartphone owners, the war over different types of chargers is over, as all devices come with a USB Type-C connection for charging and data transfer. However, iPhone owners still have to use a separate charger, which the EU believes is long overdue.

The EU believes that making universal chargers for all mobile phones will help reduce the amount of e-waste produced. Apple, on the other hand, feels that removing the Lightning port from iPhones will result in more technology waste because there are so many iPhone chargers on the market. According to a Yahoo! Finance article, EU plans to draft unified charging regulations in September.

If the EU passes this legislation, Apple will be forced to use the USB Type-C port on all iPhones sold in Europe. It is unlikely that Apple will have different charging ports for iPhones in the European market and the rest of the world at this time. To limit electrical waste, Apple recently stopped including charging adapters and headphones in the boxes of new iPhones.

However, due to local legislation, Apple must include free headphones inside the package in France. By law, no mobile phone company in France can offer smartphones without headphones, ostensibly to benefit people with hearing loss.

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