Is John Pork a real person? TikTok calling meme TikTok mourns death

John Pork

It is not necessary that only explicit or violent content go viral on social networks. Sometimes hilarious and comedic videos also get everyone’s attention. Not only on Twitter but also many funny and challenging videos were posted on Tiktok and later went viral on other platforms. After being inspired by these videos, many memes have been created that make our conversations more fun. One of those memes has gone viral on social media and it’s not the first time, it’s in the news even before it brought smiles to everyone.

John Pork Meme Explained * Is John Pork a real person?

Yes, you are right, we are talking about the “John Pork is Calling Meme” that returned in 2023 and again goes viral on the short video app. We are sure that there are many people who do not know about John Pork and are looking to know about him. We know that trends and memes often make a comeback on Tiktok after users start sharing certain videos and posts more frequently. But some people who are not familiar with this character online want to get more details about the meme and its origin.

john pig

As the name suggests, the John Pork meme refers to someone whose name is John Pork, who is basically an online character with the body of a human and the big nose of a pig. This character first appeared in front of users in 2018 after an account was created on Instagram under the name of John Pork. However, the actual identity of the online personality is not known at this time, it emerges that the character is an AI-generated image. However, we are not sure about that and we are trying to get the details.

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john pig

TikTok mourns the death of John Pork

According to Know Your Meme, John Call is calling out the meme that went viral after a Tiktok account shared the video and racked up 6 million views in a short time. The account is identified as @rover.joe. The meme has reportedly since become an internet trend in which social media users share that they receive a call from the influencer, making them wonder whether it is safe to answer the call or not. Now after 5 years again, this meme goes viral on Tiktok and gives us a topic to discuss. Many Tiktok users have reported receiving a call from John Pork.

This online trend is quite similar to Snoop Dogg calling you on facetime (basically a filter) where online users record themselves having a conversation with the famous US rapper. Many Tiktok users with all sorts of names like Mr. Pork and Real John Pork have emerged after the sudden new interest in the meme character, claiming that they are the real personality.

john pork is calling

— AIMEE (@eboysbiggestfan) March 28, 2023

the money you would pay to have him as a neighbor

—James (@CaucasianJames) March 28, 2023


– 5DiamondzZ (@Diamond5e) March 28, 2023

Hi guys, it’s me, John Pork! I’m going to cover for Sammy since he got grounded.

— CLB Sammy (@CLBsammy) March 28, 2023

say what you want but we all know inside we’re just john pork

— Ellen loves Michael (@hazehewson) March 27, 2023

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I, John Pork, am calling. Answer. Pick up #johnpork

♬ som original – emi • #1 major mei stan


I should have answered his calls #johnpork

♬ original sound – follow me i’m cool 💋


I am speechless right now… I always listened to his music and only thanks to HIM I never ate pork in my whole life. Spread this video so everyone knows what happened to John Pork.. Fly high king❤️🕊️|| #john #johnpork #johnedit #johnporkedit #rapper #neqann #fyp #viral #xyca #pork #pig #newspaper #newstrend #newsvoice #trending #trend #johnporkdeath #johnporkdead HARAM HARAM HARAM HARAM HARAM

♬ original sound – ressy

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