Is the owner of Pizzaman under arrest? Abeiku Santana apologizes after criticizing him for arresting two employees

Pizzaman Owner arrested

Recently, the public is surfing the internet to know about the incident of Ghanaian journalist Abeiku Santana. The public is surfing the internet to know more about it. Everyone is looking for him and about him as it is going viral on the internet. Everyone is scouring the internet to find out why he apologizes to the CEO of Pizzaman. In this article, we are going to give the details about it. Not only that, we are also going to bring information about the ongoing viral news about him and Pizzaman to our readers. Keep reading the article to know more.

Is the owner of Pizzaman under arrest?

Famous Ghanaian journalist and radio host Abeiku Santana has apologized profusely to Christian Boakye Yidorm, CEO of Pizzaman, after previously criticizing him for detaining two workers. Abeiku Santana expressed his regret for his strong language and for criticizing the CEO’s choice over his own business in the video message. He said that previous comments from him had been the result of emotional outbursts. He has openly apologized to the Pizzaman CEO for his earlier comments against the arrest of two male employees during his daily broadcasts. After stealing boxes of chicken and vegetable oil from the business, these individuals were found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

Abeiku Santana meekly admitted that given his current emotional state, he was not in a position to render an opinion on the subject. He realized that Christian, the CEO, was the best person to decide what was best for the business and its operations. Taking into account the previous comments of him. Abeiku Santana expressed regret for questioning the CEO’s conduct and admitted his mistake. He explicitly apologized for implying that the CEO should have taken the value of the stolen goods from the employees’ salaries. He sincerely asked for Christian Boakye Yiadom’s forgiveness. The apology video received a mixed reception from the public.

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Some Ghanaians praised his willingness to accept responsibility for his mistake and stressed the need to appreciate the efforts of others and respect their authority in their line of work. Others, however, continued to doubt the sincerity of the apology, believing that outside influences might have affected it. The wisdom of carefully contemplating statements before apologizing, especially for the elderly, was also mentioned in a comment. Another person made the amusing observation that the apology sounds forced and alluded to his continued support of the CEO. Those who criticized the CEO were questioned by Nana Kwame Dwobeng, who argued that before making judgments.

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