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If you want to increase your confidence in the field of mathematics, you have to start working from the basics. Just like a tall building has a very solid foundation, mastering the basic fundamentals is very important to master math. Multiplication is one of those operations that has many implications. It has many applications and is of many different types. As we move to higher classes, the multiplication level keeps increasing. At first, we are equipped with the basics of multiplication between two simple numbers.

We are informed that the product obtained can be completely divided by the two numbers of which the product is obtained. In higher classes, we become familiar with multiplication between algebraic equations. As we progress through higher grade mathematics, we become familiar with the product of two functions. This variation clearly explains the beauty of Mathematics. One of the most essential applications of multiplication is LCM. Lcm stands for lowest common multiple and denotes the smallest multiple of the given numbers. This has many applications. It plays a key role in adding and subtracting fractions. Lcm also has many other important applications. For example, just by knowing the dimensions of a box, we can determine how much paper will be needed to cover it.

This is a classic example that explains the importance of lcm. The numbers whose least common multiple is deduced act as factors. Here we will discuss in detail the concept and properties of the least common multiple.

Main basics of LCM:

● Applications: Lcm plays an important role in the fractions of the chapter. It is useful for calculating the sum and difference between two simple fractions. It also plays a key role in comparing many fractions. These factors explain the need for lcm. It is also very useful to solve all the problems related to the meshing of the gears of the machines. It is used to determine the number of respective rotations required for realignment. This can be done by subtracting the lcm of the teeth of the respective gears. All problems related to meshing gears are solved by applying lcm. Similarly, the concept of lcm can also come into play when solving problems related to the alignment of the planets. These factors represent the importance of lcm

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● Calculation: The long process to calculate the lcm is to write the table of the given numbers and find the first product that is common to all the numbers. When any common product is found, that respective product becomes the lcm. However, this method is very long and can only be used for smaller numbers. We can imply the concept of factorization using prime numbers. The given numbers whose LCM is to be deduced can be represented in powers of prime numbers. The lcm is the product of the different prime numbers raised to the maximum powers. This method is very effective in determining the LCM. The most effective method to obtain the LCM is the table method. The numbers whose LCM is to be calculated are placed in tables. Then the division by suitable prime numbers begins. When the prime numbers are the only remaining constituent in the table, then the product gives the lcm. This is undoubtedly the most effective method to calculate the LCM. It is very easy to determine the lcm of various numbers using this method.

Here, we have discussed in detail all the main concepts and calculations related to lcm. This is a very important application of multiplication and is asked in both the smallest and the highest classes. This topic is also asked in many competitive exams. This implies that students must pay attention to this important topic. They can seek help from Cuemath, an online platform for all math and coding related queries. Teachers also use this platform to improvise their ways of teaching. We hope this article will play a key role in expanding your knowledge of lcm.

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