Microsoft plans to buy US part of TikTok

Microsoft and Tiktok

Microsoft said it could reach an agreement with the Chinese company ByteDance, through which Microsoft will own and operate TikTok services in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Microsoft said in a statement on Sunday that it was in talks with the Chinese company ByteDance to buy a US part of the popular video app TikTok.

According to an AP report, the agency also discussed with US President Donald Trump his security concerns and censorship surrounding the acquisition.

Microsoft has said it expects talks with ByteDance to end on September 15.

Earlier, Donald Trump announced a ban on the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok.

According to a BBC report, the country’s security officials have raised concerns that the app, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, could be used to collect personal information from Americans. Expressing similar concerns, India banned the controversial app TikTok at the end of June.

The app has around 80 million monthly active users in the United States, and a ban would be a blow to Bytedance.

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“We are banning ticks from the United States,” Trump told reporters.

TikTok spokeswoman Hillary McQueed declined to comment on the move, but said in an interview with the Washington Post that she was “confident” in TikTok’s long-term success.

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