PHOTOS: Hisashi Ouchi’s corpse man suffered a nuclear and radiation accident

Hisashi Ouchi Corpse

Very disrespectful and disturbing images of Hisashi Ouchi are going viral on the internet recently. These images are very disturbing not only for the public but also for his family. These photos were of Hisashi Ouchi’s dead body. And getting viral images like this can be disrespectful to the individual and his family. Recently resurfaced these photos are causing distress to the public and his family. Hisashi Ouchi was a worker at a nuclear plant in Japan who suffered a terrible nuclear and radiation accident. Ouchi was reportedly kept in a separate radiation room to keep him away from hospital-borne infections.

Hisashi Ouchi Corpse Photos

Hisashi’s body has suffered several radiation burns. She can easily be seen in the viral image that was easily accessible on social media. Hisashi Ouchi was one of the three employees of the Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant who suffered serious injuries in the disaster on September 30, 1999. On September 30, 1999, before noon, a nuclear disaster occurred at the power plant. Tokaimura nuclear power plant in Japan. Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co. (JCO), despite the appalling lack of safety guarantees and the proliferation of dangerous shortcuts, forced Ouchi and two other employees to mix a new batch of fuel. Compared to the other two staff members, Ouchi was exposed to the highest radiation (17 Sv) during the radiation accident. He was close enough to start this. Yokokawa received three Sv, while Shinohara received ten.

Hisashi Ouchi's corpse

Reddit users have uploaded photos of Hisashi Ouchi’s body at Tokyo University Hospital. They kept it alive so scientists could study it. He claimed that he could not continue in this manner while he was in therapy. A week after being taken to Tokyo University Hospital, he said this. Despite this, his treatment continued forever. On the 59th day of Ouchi’s hospitalization, three heart attacks occurred within an hour in his apparently lifeless body.

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Hisashi Ouchi's corpse

His misery worsened when hospital medical staff resuscitated him after each heart attack. The technician passed away on day 83 after being admitted to the hospital due to organic failure in many different organs. Tokaimura was destroyed by a power reactor explosion on March 11, 1997, as residents looked on in terror. Dozens of people were radioactively irradiated before a government cover-up was launched to hide the negligence. But the meaning of that tragedy would be overshadowed only two short years later.

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