Quick and easy way to add page numbers to PDF files


The age of the Internet and technology has improved and progressed so much that it really helped us in our daily lives, making things much easier for us. Today, you can order food and other essential items thanks to the internet and technology. Transactions can now be easily done online without the need to brave going to and from banks or establishments and back home.

And with this pandemic, it’s much better to stay home and social distance too! A few months ago, classes and office work were held at home to practice social distancing and for schools and offices to keep their students and employees safe.

With this, there is a ton of paperwork sent and received almost daily for school and office work. You will find that most of these files are in PDF format. PDF files are the most common format used today due to its easy access. But we’ll get into the wonders of PDF files a bit later. Because in this article, we will help you with your reading materials and other paperwork. If you want to convert PDF to Word document, you can take help from Google.

The wonders of PDF files

PDF is the most widely used format because of how easy it is to access and share it. You can use any electronic device to directly view or read PDF files without having to download other apps or plugins to access them. If you’re wondering how to add page numbers to PDF, you’ll be happy to know that PDFBear is your best bet to help you. Since we all want to make things easy for ourselves, especially with tons of paperwork and PDFs we encounter in our profession or state, it’s good to know that this Software as a Service (or SaaS) tool is helpful for your conversion needs. Apart from simply adding page numbers to PDF files, PDFBear offers many other features. You can easily and quickly convert other files to PDF format and vice versa. You also don’t need to download an app for it to work. And the best part? You can use PDFBear features for free! No subscription or payment is required to prepare your files. Sweet! So now that we’ve covered the awesome stuff about PDFBear, here’s how to use it.

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Choose the file you would like to add page numbers to

In PDFBear’s Number of Pages feature, choose the PDF file you’d like to add page numbers to. You can do this by clicking “Select a file” to choose the file. You can also simply open a file folder and click and then drag the file into your browser to upload it. Wait a few seconds for the upload to continue so you can proceed to the next step.

Put the page number

Once your file has been uploaded to PDFBear, you can now choose the position where you want your page number to be. PDFBear allows you to place page numbers anywhere in your PDF file, all to your liking.

Download your modified file

When you’re happy with the location of your PDF file, you can click “Page Number” and download your newly numbered file. Just like how fast you uploaded your PDF file, you’ll get the same with downloading. It will only take a few seconds and your file is now ready to use!

PDF files take up much less disk space than other file formats, so they’re quicker to save and send to others. Also, PDF files do not change the overall appearance of the original file. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the file will look very different from how it was originally presented. Now that you know why PDFs are the best choice in terms of formatting, let’s dive into how you can add page numbers to them.

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Very easy with PDFBear

It can be a hassle when you are trying to find certain pages for your online lectures as a teacher or trying to catch up on the lesson as a student. As an employee, he must also keep track of the documentation that he is reading or working on. This rings true not only for professors, students, and employees, but also for writers who want to share their work with clients and others, as well as lawyers who read about cases.

Regardless of what profession or status you have, having numbers on your PDFs is really helpful. We hope our article on how to add numbers to PDF pages will help you. Go ahead and try PDFBear for yourself, it really is a great and useful tool for all your PDF file needs.

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