What happened to wild BTB? Video of rapper’s death and crime scene photos go viral

BTB Savage

The famous amateur rapper BTB Savage has died at the age of 25. He was murdered. A video was leaked on the Internet where a man killed BTB. The video circulates on all social networks. His body was found in River Oaks. His fans and his family are deeply shocked. They murdered him very brutally. Noe public on the internet wants to know about him and they want to know who killed him and why they murdered him. So we have collected a lot of information from our sources and we will provide you with all the information about this murder case. So, read the full article to know about this murder case.

BTB savage death video and crime scene explanation

BTB Savage was a famous amateur rapper. He was an American rapper. BTB was born in Cleveland Ohio, United States. His real name was Brian Thompson. His date of birth is not yet confirmed. His height was about 5 feet 10 inches and his weight was about 65 kg. He completed his education at Churchill High School in San Antonio. He was not married. His father’s name is Mr. Thompson and his mother’s name is Mrs. Thompson. His net worth before his death was $5 million. He was very popular on Instagram. He has more than 102k followers on Instagram.

He has sung many famous rap songs. his fans were crazy about him. His rap songs were so popular all over the world. he was found dead in River Oaks Thursday night. They shot him dead. Not many details about his personal life are revealed. He was one of the best rappers. His first song was “Marilyn Manson.” he appeared in many famous songs and the last song of his was MoneyBlood. Before he was murdered, he posted photos of him showing off his new wristwatch, posing in his fucking kitchen.

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There is a video that is going viral on the internet of his murder. As we can see in the video, his white Mercedes was riddled with bullet holes. In the video, we can see two unknown men come and start shooting at the BTB rapper. The police are investigating this case. The killers are not defined at this time. They have not yet been found. The police are trying to catch those murderers. Police believe the killers were gang members. The reason why BTB was killed is unknown till now. We will share updates on this murder case soon. So, stay tuned with PKB news.

TOO MUCH MOVEMENT 🐺🐺 pic.twitter.com/yom8OcpYUj

— Btb Savage (@btb_salvaje) March 30, 2023

Ydddddd gone. pic.twitter.com/jVWc1eSRNZ

—Erk (@AyoErk) March 31, 2023

your friends said pic.twitter.com/oKkmMGa3eK

– lol (@OJSIMPS0NBURNER) March 31, 2023

The 12 gunmen who arrived at their location at 6:04 p.m.: pic.twitter.com/tCrVxbMMzC

— 4ajۗۗۗiz🏺 (@penisfartcvm) March 31, 2023

And just like that…. pic.twitter.com/RHPPXhMTh6

— Vlone-_-✌🏾 (@Vlone_Ziri) March 31, 2023

Seeing people’s latest tweets is crazy. Bro was literally laughing moments ago. life short as hell pic.twitter.com/gfBGq6g6XF

— AUX (@TokyoAux) March 31, 2023

Him when he wakes up and sees the guy he killed in hell. pic.twitter.com/dS7THnrbOJ

— Ghost (@The_BlackBaronn) March 31, 2023

karma is real pic.twitter.com/5RSIpPJODG

— jasun (@yumwekos) March 31, 2023

And now you with God, you have to answer him now pic.twitter.com/hgOPytrt1j

— Tec (@TecccKK) March 31, 2023

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F in the chat pic.twitter.com/8E1vXOmpTe

— Sad Bears, Sox and Bulls fan 🇬🇭 (@ImNotEdisAggin) March 31, 2023

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