WhatsApp confirms that you can link 4 devices through one account


For the first time, this Facebook-owned communication service is testing the benefits of using WhatsApp without a smartphone.

You are currently using WhatsApp on your smartphone. You can get the benefit of both the desktop app and the website. When using WhatsApp on desktop, you have to give permission from the smartphone and also keep it connected to the internet.

With the new facility, the user will not be able to exchange messages even if the smartphone’s battery runs out.

According to WhatsApp, the app can be used simultaneously on a maximum of four devices such as PC and Tab. It will be experimental for some users at first. It will be open to everyone at the end of the research and development phase.

WhatsApp has always talked about end-to-end encryption. They claim that no one can monitor any message except the sender and the recipient. WhatsApp said it will also work on the new system.

BBC reports that there is already such an advantage in a service that includes signals. For example, if you sign up from the Signal app first, you can exchange messages without a smartphone.

Making the announcement in a blog post, Facebook engineers said that to get the job done, WhatsApp’s software design needs to be optimized. Because, at the center of the current WhatsApp system is the smartphone application where user information is stored.

At present, a WhatsApp account can only be used on a smartphone. If you want to log in on another device, the old one is disconnected.

WhatsApp says that the new multi-device system will overcome that barrier. So you don’t have to rely on a single smartphone as the source of the sent message. At the same time, it will be possible to update user information across multiple devices in a transparent and secure manner.

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From a technical point of view, all the devices that will use WhatsApp will have different ‘identity keys’. WhatsApp will keep track of identities belonging to the same user. WhatsApp will not need to store data on its own server. They do not have to take responsibility if the information is leaked.

However, Jake Moore, a security specialist at ESET UK, said that despite the emphasis on security, having messages on multiple devices is a cause for concern.

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