Who are Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint? Still alive or dead, American couple kidnapped in Haiti

Who are Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint?  Still alive or dead, American couple kidnapped in Haiti

All over the world, crime cases are on the rise. The new number is added to serious crimes and the police are doing everything they can to stop it. Kidnapping is one of those crimes that mostly ended with the death of the person. Kidnappers usually kidnap someone for ransom and then kill the person. This time a couple is kidnapped and people want to know if the American couple is alive or dead, who are the kidnappers and how many ransoms they asked for this kidnapping etc.

Who are Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint?

People worry about the safety of the partner and want to know where they are now. According to reports, a couple from the United States was kidnapped during a humanitarian mission in Haiti. Basically, Haiti is a country known for its poverty, instability in the public, and high rates of violent crime and other criminal activities as well. This article will help readers understand where the couple is at the moment, and we’ll also talk about the broader issue of kidnappings in Haiti and other countries around the world.

Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint

Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint Still alive or dead

In recent years, kidnapping incidents are growing in Haiti and the situation and conditions in the country are not good and not so safe for travelers. According to reports, the couple was arrested in the month of February 2023. The couple was arrested on February 18, 2023 and at that time the victims while traveling through the rural area of ​​this country. As for his family, the duo was on a humanitarian mission, helping build a school in the country. Unsurprisingly, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of $5 million for his bail.

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Jean Dickens and Abigail Toussaint

The couple’s names have not been released for security reasons. The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince is working with Haitian authorities to save their place. There are many people who are speculating that this news is fake and want to know the details. As of Friday, March 24, 2023, the status of a couple from America is unknown. Many claim that he is quite upset. There have been no reports of his release or any kind of update from the hijackers. In addition, a distressing situation has been experienced for the family and loved ones. They want the couple to get the best. People want to know more but she and not many details are why you need to read this. The people expected a safe and speedy return.

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