Who are the parents of Andrei Sison? Meet his family and grandfather

Who are the parents of Andrei Sison?  Meet his family and grandfather

This is to inform you that a rising Filipino singer has tragically lost his life. The Filipino singer we are talking about here was known as Andrei Sison. Yes, you heard right, Andrei Sison is gone. Andrei Sison reportedly recently passed away this week. But what happened to him or how did Andrei Sison die? Many questions have started swirling among the people after hearing this shocking news. Meanwhile, we bring you this article. In the following sections of this article, readers of this column will not need to search for more blogs on it if they read it to the end. So, stay attached to this page and you must go through all the sections below. Scroll down the page and take a look at the additional sections below for more information. Keep reading.

Andrei Sison Parents

Before we talk about the news of Andrei Sison’s death, let us introduce Andrei Sison. He was a Filipino star. The people of the Philippines recognized him as a talented actor and model. Also, Andrei Sison rose to fame and prominence after appearing in the movie Dead Kids. In fact, the late Filipino singer Andrei Sison was the first member of the Sparkle GMA Artist Center. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Andrei Sison

Speaking of the news of Andrei Sison’s death, who revealed or shared it with the media? According to sources, Andrei Sison’s team declared him dead. According to his team, Andrei Sison passed away at the age of 16. Here the following question arises, what happened to Andrei Sison? As far as we know, Andrei Sison was involved in a car accident in which he gave up his life after succumbing to his injuries. Scroll down the page and read more details about it.

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Andrei Sison

Following the death of Andrei Sison in a car accident, Sparkle GMA Artist Center turned to its official social media handles and wrote: “Sparkle GMA Artist Center announces the passing of one of its teenage artists, Andrei Sison. May he rest in peace.” Notable personalities paying tribute to Andrei on social media so far include Zonia Ysabel Mejia, Kyline Alcantara, Althea, Sofia Pablo, and many more. Andrei Sison’s true identity was Miguel Andrei Sison, who was born on 9th October 2006 in Manila, Philippines and was also raised in Manila, stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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