Who is Kara Alexander? Arrested for murdering his son Marley and Elijah Thomas

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Marley and Elijah were two young children. Kara Alexander, her mother is said to be involved in killing them. Both were found dead by her father. Was Kara, her mother, behind her death? You will get complete details about the Marley and Elijah murder case in this article. keep reading for more details.

marley and elias thomas

Who were Marley and Elijah?

Marley was a 5 year old while Elijah was 2 years old. Kara Alexander was her mother, who was also previously charged, which she denied on December 16. The children disappeared on December 16 and were last seen on December 15. They were reported by their father to the police. As the children were found in critical condition, the hospital faculty sent an ambulance which tried to save them but they died instantly. They died in poor conditions at home. They both lived in Dagenham, Essex. They looked cute and innocent in their photos like all children do. We lost them at such a young age. No one saw them after December 15. Her mother mentions that she is not guilty of the murder.

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What happened to Marley and Elijah?

Marley and Elijah’s suspect was arrested and charged with killing their two children. The children were last seen on December 15, 2023. Their mother, Kara, was arrested by police and detained. The police report was filed by her father because he was very concerned about his children. He couldn’t get into her house. He forced his way in and found his children dead on the floor. she is in custody right now and will be charged after the trial. She could get a sentence if she is found guilty. The trial will take place on July 10. The court judges also held a pre-trial hearing on May 18. We will let you know as soon as the hearing begins and a conclusion is reached.

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Let us know more about the father of Marley and Elija.

karen hollineskaren hollines

Who was Selvin?

Marley and Elijah were the children of Selvin and Kara. Selvin is the father of Marley and Elijah. He was very worried about his two children when he couldn’t reach them. After this, he called the police. The police report mentions that the children drowned or suffocated. As death indicates a lack of proper breathing as the cause. Selvin pays tribute to his two children on Facebook. We still don’t have any knowledge about Kara and Selvin’s marriage. They haven’t mentioned anything about it yet. Selvin mentions that he will always keep his children close to his heart.

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