111 years after Titanic’s tragic end, ship’s first-class dinner menu goes up for auction

People around the world have been captivated by the events of that unfortunate night across the wide Atlantic, which have long been immortalized in films and books.

People’s interest in the unfortunate and legendary ship, however, does not seem to diminish in the slightest despite the abundance of available materials and the passage of time. The menu of the Titanic, sometimes referred to as one of the most opulent ships in history, will soon be auctioned.

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What was special about the menu?

Titanic's first-class dinner menu up for auction

This particular menu was created especially for the dinner that the Titanic’s first class passengers were supposed to have. A variety of delicious dishes are served on this menu, including oysters, beef tornadoes, suckling lamb and mallard.

When did the Titanic drown?

Titanic's first-class dinner menu up for auction

111 years have passed since the tragic Titanic disaster, which occurred on April 15, 1912, during the ship’s maiden voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Why is it valuable?

Titanic's first-class dinner menu up for auction

This dinner menu was scheduled for the night of April 11, 1912, immediately after the Titanic’s departure from Cobh, Ireland, bound for New York, according to historical records.

Most people agree that Cobh was the last port the Titanic called before meeting her terrible end. According to the BBC, the estimated value of this menu at the auction is between 50,000 and 70,000 pounds or approximately Rs 51 to 71 lakh.

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What is the state of the physical menu?

Titanic's first-class dinner menu up for auction

Embossed with a red White Star Line emblem, the menu measures 16cm by 11cm. It was originally planned to display the initials OSNC (Ocean Steamship Navigation Company) in gold letters next to the RMS Titanic, according to RTE.

Additionally, this menu has water damage, and some entries appear to have been partially removed.

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