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Network Solutions is a one-stop platform for all your online needs; be it social media, online advertising, website development or optimization, Network Solutions is something that can get your business online in a matter of minutes. It allows you to create a custom business website along with a professional email address for the same. So if you have your idea ready along with your budget, Network Solutions will help you create the right website for your business.

Network Solutions not only allows you to get a website for your business, but you can also take advantage of online marketing services to take your business to new heights.

In this guide, you will get all the information about the Network Solutions email and webmail login process, as it can be a bit confusing at times.

Network Solutions Webmail Login

This is how you can simply log into your Network Solutions webmail account if you are an email account administrator:

  1. To begin the Network Solution Webmail login process, go to the account manager by clicking this link:
  2. The login page will look like this image below; you need to enter the user ID and password and finally click ‘Login’.

  1. Now, the Network Solutions Account Manager will launch where you need to click on ‘My Email’.
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In the account manager, click on 'My email'

  1. When you get to the email page, find the email box under ‘Current Email Boxes’ that you want to log into and then click the ‘Login Webmail Login’ button

Click the 'Login to Webmail' button

  1. The webmail login page will now appear where you need to enter your mailbox name and password to login.

Enter your mailbox name and password

How to set up an email with Network Solutions?

The best part of having a Network Solution account is that you can also sign up for professional email matching your domain name. If you set up email with Network Solutions, you can access it from anywhere, anytime to manage your business needs. Additionally, there are several packages to choose from based on your business needs and budget. This will give you a unique email address for your business that will link to your domain, ultimately building your brand and improving your credibility.

You can choose from email packages available at

Click on see packages

Steps to set up an email with Network Solutions

  1. Choose your domain
  2. After registration, select one of the available email packages
  3. Once you have purchased the email, set up the email box with the help of your domain.

How to login to network solution email?

If you have already set up your email, you can log in directly to the Network Solutions Webmail Account Manager to manage it as explained above. Or you can simply go to and enter your user ID and password and then from the drop down menu for ‘Sign in to:’ select ‘Manage my email ‘ ‘.

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Click manage my email

How to access the Network Solutions account on the phone?

Although Network Solutions does not provide an official webmail application, you can use your Android device’s built-in mail application and, with the correct configuration, set up your email as follows:

  1. On your Android device, open the Mail app and select ‘Add a new account’, then tap ‘Other’.
  2. On the next screen, enter:
  • Your network solutions email address
  • Your network solutions password
  1. In ‘Incoming mail from server’, enter:
  • Pop3 server:
  • Security type: SSL
  • Port: 995
  1. Under ‘Outgoing mail server’, type the details provided and tap ‘Login’:
  • SMTP server: SMTP.[domain].com
  • Security type: SSL
  • Port: 587
  • Verification for sending email: Yes
  • Username: email
  • Password: Your Network Solutions email password
  1. That was it; your Network Solutions account is now ready to use on your phone.

What if the Network Solutions Webmail login doesn’t work?

This can also happen that even after several attempts, you cannot log into the Network Solutions account; here are all the things you can try if network solutions webmail login not working:

  1. Check if there is a problem with the server at Network Solutions-
  2. You must connect your PC or phone to a working Internet network in order to log in to Network Solutions Webmail.
  3. Make sure you enter the correct user ID and password

Also, you must enter the correct email settings to sign in to Network Solutions on your phone.

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