Andrés Vernazza Twitter video, they broadcast a recording of the alleged attack against Cyndia Calero

Learn about the content of the video broadcast on Twitter by Andrés Vernazza and learn about the versions of the alleged attack against Cyndia Calero.

The Spanish influencer Andrés Vernazza is in trouble, after a video was spread in which the TikToker attacks and drags his ex-girlfriend, also known on social networks Cyndia Calero.

Likewise, in said recording you can see the moment when Vernazza drags Calero while taking her out of her apartment and then out of the building, where the premises’ security cameras recorded the event.

Likewise, the event happened on October 7, since then the influencer has been prohibited from communicating with and approaching Calero within 500 meters for 180 days, after she reported him for gender violence.

However, Vernazza claims that Calero arrived at her apartment drunk after attending a friend’s birthday together and “she became violent” so he “removed her from the building.”

Likewise, Calero stated that her ex-partner “kicked and pushed her out of the apartment” and hit her several times, then took her out of the building with “almost no clothes.”

Also, it is known that the building employees saw the attack that occurred at 5:00 am, and were responsible for alerting the police.

How to identify gender violence?


  • Unexplained or frequent physical injuries.
  • Strangulation marks.
  • Injuries in areas specifically covered by clothing to hide abuse.


  • Excessive control over the person’s life.
  • Constant devaluation.
  • Verbal threats or intimidation.
  • Social isolation.


  • sexual coercion.
  • Rape or attempted rape.
  • Sexually offensive comments or jokes.
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Video by Andrés Vernazza Twitter. Photo: Social networks


  • Financial control.
  • Restriction of access to economic resources.


  • Use of technology for control and surveillance.
  • Harassment online or through electronic devices.


  • Social isolation.
  • Control over social interactions.
  • Difficulties maintaining relationships with friends and family.

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