Andrew Tate Arrest Update: ‘$100 Million A Day’ Billionaire Major Revelation From Jail

Why is Andrew Tate called Top G?  nickname means explained

The arrest news of big personalities is no longer news to hear. It is getting all too common to hear as there is no doubt that rich people find a new way to make money and sometimes do something illegal that lands them in the news. Not only the charges or the bail but also the other punishments of such personalities are also great and sometimes career ending. Something similar is happening in the case of Andrew Tate, who will now no longer be able to use social media platforms. No, not because of any technical problem or internet problem, but because of the punishment imposed by the social media platforms.

Andrew Tate arrest update

You must be wondering why is this happening to him and who is he and what really happened. Former internet celebrity Andrew Tate is reportedly not allowed to use any social media platform as of now. This restriction was enforced after an effort was made to portray Tate as harmful to its largely youthful audience. This punishment came after he violated the company’s rules on dangerous people and organizations, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. According to the firm’s representative, Meta deactivated the official accounts of former internet personality Tate from social media platforms last week.

andres tate

Not only that, the representative also assured that this suspension will not be lifted. Prior to the ban, Tate had amassed 4.7 million followers on Instagram. Apart from that, the Tiktok spokeswoman also claimed that the Tate account was permanently deleted or blocked after the company investigated the matter. The short videos app has put in place a system to automatically find and remove any videos that do harm or violate their Community Standards. TikTok will mark particular material as “not recommended for you” so it won’t appear in the user’s “For You” feed.

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Tate’s speech, which had more than 744,000 subscribers, was permanently banned along with other Tate channels. I’m sure many of you are interested in why Andrew Tate was arrested. According to the above report, in the month of December 2022, Andrew Tate along with his brother, Tristian Tate, were arrested by the Roman government in Bucharest due to alleged involvement in human trafficking, shooting p*nography, money laundering , r@ pe, and other crimes. There is no question in stating that this case has drawn worldwide attention due to Tate’s high-profile status as an internet personality and his controversial comments about women.

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