California has highest rate of ‘cancel culture’ in nation, study finds

Residents of California, home to Hollywood, lead the nation in “cancelling” celebrities, according to an obscure new study that measured Americans’ social media interactions with stars mired in controversy.

Nationwide, 52.3% of Americans said they would unfollow a canceled celebrity on social media, but those living in the Golden State outperformed the average at 59%, according to a recent survey by OnlineCasinos. com.

California had the highest cancel culture score at 100.

The scores, ranked from 0 to 100, were weighted based on respondents’ willingness to unfollow a “unfollowed” celebrity, how likely they were to be mocked on social media, and how long it would take them to follow back.

According to the study, the top reason more than 2,000 Americans surveyed in August said they would unfollow a celebrity is because of “inappropriate actions on social media.”

Merriam-Webster defines cancel culture as “the practice or tendency of mass cancellations as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

California, Kentucky and Alabama topped the list of the fastest states to “cancel”

Stars shut out of the celebrity social sphere in recent memory include Ellen Degeneres, Kanye West, and Dave Chapelle due to a massive backlash over their controversies.

Kentucky, which led the country in perpetuating the cancel culture behind California, scored 99 on the survey’s weighted scale.

Kentuckians also had the highest rate of respondents of any state who said they would take to social media to publicly attack a star: 18% said they would. The third highest score was Alabama.

california flagNearly 60% of Californians would unfollow a “cancelled” celebrity online. PromiseArtStudio

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While just over 50% of those surveyed said they would unfollow a celebrity if they were cancelled, 69% said they would follow them again in the future.

The majority of those polled nationally said they would “forgive” and return to following the star after a year of social exile.

Idaho residents were found to be the most lenient, with the state earning a weighted score of 0.

At the other end of the spectrum, the survey found that 64% of Idaho respondents said they would not unfollow someone online because they were unfollowed.

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