Cesia Sáenz, involved in controversy for an alleged party at the Honduran Embassy in Mexico; Government denies ‘party’

A video of a party between celebrities and politicians has been leaked in the last few hours, where the renowned singer and Honorary Ambassador of Art and Culture of Honduras in Mexico, Cesia Sáenz, appears; the same thing that Honduran diplomacy in the Aztec country has denied.

The recently leaked video shows a party, which according to social media, took place at the Honduran Embassy in Mexico and was attended by numerous Honduran political figures and artists, including Ashanti Crisanto and Cesia Sáenz, but the Foreign Ministry denies that the rumba has been held at the diplomatic representation.

During the recording, attendees can be seen enjoying bottles of beer and various liquors, while dancing to the rhythm of top music, in an apparent state of intoxication.

After the video went viral, the Honduran Embassy in Mexico came forward and clarified that the meeting was not held at the diplomatic headquarters and that it was paid for by the people who appear in the controversial recording.

“In a tendentious manner and with the intention of causing harm, a video supposedly made at the headquarters of the Honduran Embassy in Mexico is revealed, which is completely false,” reads a statement from Honduran diplomacy.

Likewise, it clarifies that the video circulating on social networks does not correspond to any official celebration or on the premises of the Honduran Embassy in Mexico.

They also detailed that the celebration is “a meeting of a personal nature and financed by the people who appear there”, so they completely ruled out that it was a recording within their facilities.

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