Coromandel Express speed limit: train accident in Odisha crashed at a speed of 128 km/h

On Friday June 2, 2023, the Coromandel Express met with an accident in Balasore district, Odisha. The Coromandel Express train accident is said to have been one of the worst rail tragedies of the last thirty years. So far, 275 people have been declared dead. In the meantime, many questions have been raised about the safety measures and whether or not the locomotive pilots followed them correctly. Amid a debate on safety measures followed by train officials, one question making headlines is the Coromandel Express speed limit. What is the speed limit for Coromandel Express? The Railways recently issued a statement to address some of the most talked about questions about it. We unfold the details shared by the officials about the speed limit of the trains that were involved in the deadly accident in Odisha’s Balasore. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Coromandel Express speed limit 130 kmph

Coromandel Express was en route to Chennai when it was affected on Friday. The Railways claimed on Sunday that the Chennai-bound Coromandel Express had an accident in the Balasore district. He further added that a freight train collided with another passenger train and crashed. Jaya Varma Sinha, a member of the Railway Board’s Operation and Business Development, quoted after the board’s preliminary investigation dismissed into the speeding allegations. He continues reading this article. Move to down.

Jaya Varma Sinha went on to cite that some interference in the signal system could cause the accident in which 275 people have lost their lives so far. The number of victims is making this accident the worst rail tragedy in India in the last 3 decades. Sinha added: “Only one train was involved in the accident, it was the Coromandel Express. The Coromandel Express collided with the freight train and its carriages were left on top of the freight train. It was a loaded iron ore train, a heavy train… therefore all the impact of the collision was on the train.” Scroll down the screen.

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Talking about the speed limit of the trains, the Railways has said that neither train exceeded the speed limit, both were running within the 130 kmph limit in the area. The board further said that “some interference in the system” could lead to the accident. Both the Coromandel Express and the Yesvantpur Express were traveling at a speed of 128 km/h and 126 km/h respectively. The preliminary investigation concludes that some interference with the interlock system led to the accident. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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