Dating Tips: 5 Common Reasons For Failed Communication In Relationships

Whatever the reasons, communicating your needs, thoughts, wants, and feelings is extremely important to building a strong emotional connection and strengthening your relationship.

Communication is one of the most important pillars of any relationship. Communicating your needs to your partner is necessary as no one can read your mind or heart and analyze what you are thinking or need. According to recent Regain research, ongoing communication difficulties are the number one reason couples get divorced in the United States. According to a study, 67.5% of marriages that ended did so mainly because of communication problems.

Communication problems often arise when you are having difficulty communicating your needs, wants, and feelings to your partner. Choosing the right communication style, timing, and analyzing your partner’s state of mind while trying to communicate something important to them is crucial. There can be a number of factors for communication failure within a relationship, scroll down to explore a few.

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Common Reasons for Failed Communication in Relationships

1. Fear of rejection

Most of the time, people are unable to communicate their feelings or thoughts because they experience fear of rejection. You think that if you tell your partner your thoughts or how you feel, they might reject you or feel less about you.

2. Fear of conflict

This is another important factor that keeps us from having an honest conversation with our partner. Sometimes awkward conversations can lead to conflict, but they are healthy for a relationship. However, many times, people keep their feelings to themselves instead of opening up to their partner to save themselves from arguments and conflicts.

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3. Lack of confidence

Sometimes people may hesitate to have an open conversation with their partners because they lack confidence. Communicating your needs, wants, and feelings can require confidence and strength, which many people lack.

4. Incorrect beliefs

Some of us believe that what’s on our mind, our partner might know. Sometimes we expect our partners to pick up on our needs and desires, which can be wrong. Instead of believing in such things, go directly to your partner and convey your feelings.

5. Fear of being called needy

Often times, when we try to express ourselves with our partners, they can mistakenly judge us as needy and desperate, which can insert similar fears into our hearts. So next time, instead of telling them our thoughts and desires, we just skip it and keep quiet.

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