Did You Know? Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On A Different Side Than Women’s

No matter the gender, there’s one item of clothing we all own and love: the button-up shirt. From fabrics to patterns, there’s so much a person can do with a simple shirt. Fashionista or not, everyone has their own favourite way of wearing a button-up shirt.

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Did You Know That Men’s Shirt Buttons Fall On A Different Side Than Women’s?

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While some like it the classic old way with crisp collars and fitted pants, others prefer to keep things casual and let their shirt hang open over a tank top. However, no matter how you wear a shirt, there is one thing that has bound to have slipped your keen eyes. Did you know that a man’s shirt buttons fall on a different side than those of a woman’s?

Well, if you had no idea such a difference existed, then you are not alone. Next time you see someone of your opposite gender preference sport a shirt, notice where the buttons fall on their clothes.

While women’s shirts have buttons on the left side, men’s shirts have them on the right.

Why Is It So?

Men’s Shirt Buttons On Different Side To Women’sPixabay

Melanie M. Moore, the creator of the brand Elizabeth & Clarke, explains that the historical reason behind this is that buttons were a new and costly invention in the 13th century. During that time, wealthy women didn’t usually dress themselves; their maids helped them get dressed. Since most people were right-handed, it was simpler for someone standing in front of you to button up your dress.

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It’s fascinating that the age-old fashion tradition has stuck to its course even in modern times.

When it comes to men’s shirts, there are a few different ideas as to why buttons are on the right side. Chloe Chapin, a fashion historian and a student at Harvard University, explains that it’s important to consider the time period we’re talking about because buttons on shirts and jackets are a relatively new thing. However, in general, many aspects of men’s fashion can be connected to the military.

Again, the idea of right-handedness was important. Chloe mentions that because having access to a weapon was really crucial, it was more practical for men to have their shirts set up in a way that made it easier to reach their firearms from their dominant side.

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