Elevator: Bride’s worst nightmare comes to life, she gets stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes on D-Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A day that people hope will only come once in their life. However, not everyone has the perfect matches that make D-Day the best it could be. A bride in Maharashtra faced her worst nightmare when she was trapped inside an elevator for over half an hour before being rescued.

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The bride gets stuck inside the elevator for 30 minutes.

The bride gets stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes.Twitter

A clip of the bride being rescued from the elevator is going viral on Twitter. In the video, a swarm of onlookers and family members stand outside the elevator door, waiting for the people trapped inside to finally get out. When the elevator doors finally opened, people rushed to get everyone out. They direct shaken and rescued people to a nearby salon and help them catch their breath.

The elevator was visibly small and the bride was not alone inside the elevator. She was accompanied by her three sisters and two of her minors, who accompanied her to be the bright main focus of the wedding. They took the elevator to get to the wedding venue and unfortunately got stuck inside the congested elevator.

Once they got out, people were seen gasping for air. One of the bridesmaid sisters sat down, she breathed in as much air as she could and looked visibly shaken. The boy who was with the group inside the elevator was scared and confused as people gathered around him and offered him water and commanding instructions.

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Relatives rushed to help the people trapped inside the elevator

The bride gets stuck in the elevator Twitter

A man was seen feeding water to the bride while holding her head. Seeing the man’s rather forceful approach to helping the bride, people motioned for him to let go and let the woman breathe. Relatives helping the boy sprayed water on his face to calm the panicking boy. All of the people rescued from the elevator suffered from a case of suffocation, probably because the elevator was small and with so many people in it at once, air must have been a scarce resource.

Bride on her way to wedding venue gets stuck in Bhayander building elevatorhttps://t.co/u39F4cg9VM pic.twitter.com/AC77L7djdF

— TOI Mumbai (@TOIMumbai) May 30, 2023

According to TOI, the incident took place on Monday night, before the bride’s wedding ceremony. The bride, her three sisters and her two children were on their way to a first-floor apartment when they boarded the elevator on the ground floor of the building. However, once they pressed the button on the floor, the elevator got stuck and the people inside panicked.

Even when relatives present at the scene tried to rescue the people trapped in the elevator, their efforts did not make much of a difference until the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) fire brigade was called to the scene.

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