Emilio Osorio’s siblings, how many do he have? What is your relationship with them like?

Emilio Osorio, one of the most popular youth actors in Mexico, is the son of television host Niurka Marcos and producer Juan Osorio. However, the actor has five other siblings, two of whom are Niurka’s children and three are Juan Osorio’s children.

Emilio Osorio’s five brothers are recognized for their parents’ work, as well as their foray into television.

It is worth mentioning that Emilio is also a recognized actor, who started from his first years of life and recently, in 2023, he participated in the reality show La Casa de Los Famosos México.

The siblings on their mother’s side Niurka Marcos

Emilio Osorio has two older siblings on Niurka Marcos’ side: Kiko Marcos and Romina Marcos.

Who are Emilio Osorio's brothers |  The Truth NewsAlong with his maternal brothers and his mother.

Kiko is Niurka’s eldest son, and he is a businessman who has stayed away from the spotlight. Romina is an actress and singer who has participated in several soap operas and television programs.

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The paternal brothers

On his father Juan Osorio’s side, Emilio has three siblings: Miriam Osorio, Sabrina Osorio and Juan Osorio Jr.

The firstborn named Miriam is a renowned producer. Her second child is Juan Osorio Jr and unfortunately he died as a result of a heart attack in 2013; He worked as head of production at Televisa and his loss was a tragic moment for the producer and his entire family.

This is how Juan Osorio, older brother of Emilio Osorio, diedEmilio and his father.

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Sabrina is the name of Juan Osorio’s third daughter, the youngest of his relationship with Ofelia Ávalos.

It is worth remembering that Emilio Osorio’s brothers gave him all the support so that he could develop artistically.

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