Family criticizes ‘evil’ New York woman accused of hiring hitman to kill brother-in-law

An “evil” Hudson Valley woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill her brother-in-law, and her furious family says they have “no compassion” for the “heifer”.

Bank manager Reshma Massarone was indicted in the failed murder-for-hire scheme in Manhattan Federal Court on August 18.

The depraved plot was set in motion in July when Massarone, 39, approached an anonymous friend and offered $10,000 to kill his brother-in-law while he was on a family trip to his native Guyana, prosecutors said.

“You take care of business and you will be a rich man,” he told the would-be hitman on Facebook Messenger, according to court documents.

He then allegedly wired an initial payment of $2,500 to the person, who said he would stage the hit to make it look like a robbery gone wrong.

Instead, a day before the assassination occurred, the friend told the intended target about the plot and accompanied him to the US embassy, ​​where they spoke with authorities, according to court documents.

Reshma Massarone, a 39-year-old bank manager, was indicted in the failed murder-for-hire plot in Manhattan Federal Court.Facebook Reshma Massarone

“The victim also told law enforcement officials that he and Massarone had civil litigation pending in New York,” the court documents said.

The alleged plot developed after months of disputes between Massarone and her family, who believe she tried to exploit a dying relative by taking out an insurance policy on him.

“This cold-hearted animal tried to exploit my dying sister. . . so this is her karma that she came back to square one,” a family member wrote on Facebook.

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“This woman is evil,” another posted on the site.

Reshma MassaroneOne of Reshma Massarone’s relatives called her a “cold-hearted animal” on Facebook, saying: “This is her karma that brought her back to square one,” a relative wrote on Facebook. United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

“He’s been torturing and tormenting people for a long time.”

The dispute may have been related to a restraining order Massarone filed against his brother-in-law that a judge threw out, according to family members, who did not provide further details.

“She wasn’t satisfied, she didn’t get her way, so she wanted to kill him,” a family member told the Post.

“I think his next step was to have him killed or murdered because he had to pay the lawyer fees and all that,” another family member said.

“I think in their view it was to get rid of the problem rather than go to litigation.”

Massarone, who works at Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, is no stranger to the courts.

Reshma MassaroneThe plot was set in motion in July when Massarone approached an unnamed friend and offered him $10,000 to kill his brother-in-law while he was on a family trip to his native Guyana, prosecutors said. US District Court for the Southern District of New York

She has sued two banks in the last two years alleging that they racially discriminated against her while she worked there, though both cases were dismissed by the judges.

A judge ordered Massarone held without bail “due to danger to the community” during a hearing in Manhattan Federal Court.

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Mid-Hudson Valley Credit Union told Credit Union Times it had been placed on administrative leave.

Massarone’s attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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