Five business tycoons and their humble cars: from Anand Mahindra’s Heights to Ratan Tata’s Nano EV

Five business magnates and their humble cars: It is common practice to anticipate that people who amass great fortunes will improve their cars. Throughout the world, this practice is common. Be that as it may, there is a select group of money managers who, regardless of their multi-million dollar or even multi-million dollar total assets, choose to maintain a modest demeanor.

Seeing these business tycoons traveling in vehicles that most of us drive is certainly amazing. Curious about who these money managers are and what vehicles they like? The list below is all you need to look at.

5 business tycoons and their humble cars

The five business tycoons and their humble cars who have a lot of money should improve their cars, and this is a common practice all over the world. However, there are a couple of money managers who are worth millions or even billions and still remain humble.

It’s certainly something we didn’t anticipate seeing these business tycoons in the cars most of us drive. But who are these businessmen and what type of vehicles do they drive? In fact, check out the summary here.

Five business magnates and their humble cars

Azim Premji

Azim Premji, one of India’s richest people and chairman of Wipro Limited, is known for his modest tastes. Perceived as the charitable emperor of the Indian computer industry, he could certainly select one of the most sumptuous vehicles for his daily driving. However, he chooses to drive a used Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which he has owned and used for several years. This demonstrates his preference for long-term reliability over frequent updates.

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tata rattan

tata rattan

Ratan Tata, known for his charitable efforts and generosity in difficult times, is also a car enthusiast. He has an impressive collection of high-end luxury cars, including a Chrysler, a Cadillac, a Ferrari California, and many others. Previously, he was regularly seen driving his luxury vehicle along Marine Drive on Sunday mornings. However, the Honda Civic that he himself drove preferred for his daily use. More recently, he has also added a Goodbye Nexon to his collection.

In an extraordinary sign, Electra EV, a major company that is gaining experience in electric vehicle powertrain systems, gifted Ratan Goodbye with a specially manufactured Goodbye Nano EV. This electric vehicle is based on the regular Goodbye Nano model and was presented to you to get your important input on the product.

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra, the country’s prominent and successful businessman, is known for his business savvy. He loves SUVs and owns two different models of the Mahindra TUV300. A custom TUV300 Armor Body with enhanced protection is part of his collection. In addition, he recently purchased a custom-built TUV300 Plus, which he affectionately calls “Grey Ghost” due to its distinctive paint color.

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Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani

Although the Toyota Innova is often associated with taxi services, its durable design and reliable engine make it a great choice for families. It is common knowledge that Nandan Nilekani was a prominent figure in politics, business and the bureaucracy when he co-founded the IT conglomerate Infosys. Despite his height, he prefers to travel in a Toyota Innova because it is more practical. Nilekani has earned a well-deserved reputation for his contributions to the IT industry and his pivotal role in establishing UIDAI, the Indian government agency tasked with issuing Aadhar cards.

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narayan murthy

narayan murthy

The Skoda Laura has many of the same features as a base Audi at a significantly lower price. While many people focus on brand self-esteem, Naran Murthy, the visionary who took a major role in familiarizing IT with India, understands the importance of getting the best bang for your buck. He chooses to drive a Skoda Laura despite his achievements, demonstrating his practicality and appreciation for a wise investment. Along with his Laura, Murthy also has a Mahindra Scorpio, showing his other taste for cars.

FAQs About Five Business Moguls and Their Humble Cars

What vehicle does Narayana Murthy own?

The Laura was accessible in both petrol and diesel versions. The powerful version has two gearboxes: a six-speed manual and a DSG dual-clutch gearbox. Laura is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

What car does Azim Premji own?

For your daily commute, you can easily own one of the more expensive vehicles. In any case, he affirms and habitually uses a used Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The vehicle has been there for a long time and has not passed to another vehicle.

What vehicle does Mahesh Babu own?

Now that superstar Mahesh Babu owns a stylish Range Rover, it’s time to send him congratulatory messages. He is possibly one of the most flexible artists in the business and is known for his large following. Lately, she added a new factory-fresh Reach Meanderer SV to her overall excellent range of vehicles.

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