Gateshead Flooding 2023: Get Full Details Related Flooding In Gateshead

Not only deadly diseases but also natural disasters also seriously affect the world. Since 2019, we have been constantly suffering from many things that directly or indirectly affect our lives, and indeed, many people lost their lives. Since that year, we never hear good news, in fact, we only hear sad news. Not a single day goes by with a wave of peace and this time too news comes from Gateshead disturbing the lives of the citizens. A street on the Gateshead side of the Quayside reportedly looks like a canal after the pipeline crack.

Gateshead floods 2023

After that, water could be seen running down the Bottle Bank, near the Hilton hotel, and into the River Beat. This incident was reported on the afternoon of Sunday 19 February 2023. Water started flowing to Pipewellgate where the pipeline was built under the bridge called the High Level Bridge. When the citizen hears this news, he begins to search to find out how much it has affected the area. The report indicates that Hill Street, which is near the bridge, was completely submerged in the strong flow of water.

Gateshead floods

A pub made a tweet on Twitter describing the condition in a certain way, Station East which is a pub located on the road made a social media post saying “We are open now but customers should bring a canoe”. .” Now you can understand how much destruction the flood has brought. Because of that, the police and other emergency departments closed nearby roads while Northumbrian Water dealt with the eruption. The citizens of the affected area understand that there is a shortage of water due to the broken pipe and are waiting for the problem to be resolved. This incident occurred around 1:00 p.m.

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Gateshead floods

We tried to contact the water company and their spokesperson spoke on behalf of the company. He said there was a burst on an 18-inch water main in the area that was recognized as Gateshead Town Center and after so much fighting, the situation is now under control. He stated that “around 01:10pm on Sunday afternoon, we learned that a pipe had burst in the 18-inch main at Gateshead Town Center and our firm’s crews handled the situation very quickly and turned off the water at to isolate the explosion. Fortunately, there was not as much of an impact on the water supply of customers in the affected area and now all water supplies are on.”

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