GPT Chat Login, application, website, complete form, how to use it, alternatives

Here you will find all the vital technical information related to Chat GPT login, application, website, form fill, usage and alternatives. Open AI (Artificial Intelligence) created ChatGPT, an AI language model that is taking the world by storm. ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer.

Login to GPT

In ChatGPT system, you can chat with AI and ask questions. The question can range from a basic and simple one to quantum physics. ChatGPT will give you all the answers with 100% accuracy. Today in this article, we will give you all the specialized information related to Chat GPT login, app, website, full form, usage and alternatives.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become a huge success since its launch in November 2022. It has been extensively tested and attracts over 96 million monthly users. But have you ever wondered why ChatGPT has achieved tremendous success and what makes it unique?

OpenAI ChatGPT login link

This OpenAI ChatGPT is qualified to chat with you as if you are chatting with a very knowledgeable person. You can ask and talk about any topic and you will get the answer with 100% accuracy. This article completely focused on information related to Chat GPT login, app, website, form fill, usage, and alternatives. So stay tuned.

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First, let me give you a step-by-step guide to log in to Chat GPT. Before using Chat GPT, you must create an account on OpenAI.

First step: Visit the OpenAI portal and create an account using your email ID and mobile phone number.

2nd step: Once you have finished creating your account, go to

3rd step: On the page, a login window will be displayed. Now enter your login details as you did after creating your account.

Fourth step: After filling in the login details, press submit and a terms and conditions box will open.

Step 5: Accept those terms and conditions and you will be successfully logged into Chat GPT.

Now you can chat with the AI ​​model and write your doubts and queries.

Chat GPT Overview

Before we continue, let’s quickly look at an overview of GPT Chat from the table below:

Application name GPT-chat
developer Open AI
Release date November 30, 2022
Engine GPT – 3.5 GPT – 4
Operated in Mobile PC and browser
How to use Chatting with Chat BOT and asking your questions
Link to the official portal

Now that you have an overview of Chat GPT, let’s move on and look at Chat GPT on the app and website.

Chat GPT App and Website

Chat GPT can be accessed both in the apps and on the website. From now on, it can also be accessed from the app. The app has just been launched and is already working very well. There are many apps related to Chat GPT and they can be easily downloaded from Play Store. Users should follow the steps below:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Go to the search tab and type Chat GPT
  • Click Enter
  • All applications associated with GPT Chat will be displayed.
  • Now select the app and install it.
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Now you can register or log in to use the app. The Official GPT Chat Web Portal is

GPT chat in full format

ChatGPT Complete Form is a pre-trained generative chat transformer. It is feature-rich and developed by Open AI. It has AI chatbot technology built to understand and generate human-like language and answer all your questions. In simple words, you can ask any question and it will give you an answer.

How to use GPT chat?

GPT Chat can be used by following the simple steps below:

1st Step: Visit, and a login page will open.

Second step: Press the “Sigh” button to start.

Step 3: Now a registration form will open. Fill in all the requested details and provide your email ID.

Fourth step: You need to verify your provided email ID by visiting your Gmail and checking your inbox to see the verification email.

Fifth Step: Now enter your details like name and date of birth.

6th Step: Now provide your mobile number. and complete the code that you will receive on your number via text message.

Step 7: Finally, you will log in successfully and can chat with the AI ​​model and ask your queries and questions.

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GPT Chat Alternatives

As everything has some limitations, Chat GPT also has them and you can use other alternatives instead. Here are some of the alternatives you can check out:

  • chatsonic
  • AI Bard
  • socratic
  • OpenAI Playground
  • DialogGPT
  • AI character
  • Jasper Chat
  • tabin
  • Elsa speaks
  • Bot Chatsonic SLack
  • claudio and others
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