Houston Jack In The Box Worker Caught On Video Filming Customer From Drive-Thru Window While Eating Curly Fries

Newly released footage shows the moment a Jack In The Box drive-thru worker shot a family of three, including a 6-year-old girl and her pregnant mother, after an argument over curly fries.

The fast food employee, identified in legal documents as Alonniea Ford, pulled out her gun and shot at the car carrying the family as the driver sped away during the March 2021 dispute, surveillance footage shows, according to an ongoing lawsuit filed last year. .

Seconds before the shots rang out, Ford angrily threw ketchup packets and other items at the driver, identified as the pregnant woman’s husband, Anthony Ramos.

Ramos then threw items at the worker while another employee attempted to intervene at the Houston location, according to the footage.

After the shocking shooting, Ford walked away and then returned to the window where he casually cleaned up the mess, footage shows.

The footage is part of a 2022 lawsuit filed against Jack In The Box and Ford. Ramos and his wife are seeking more than $1 million in damages.

According to one lawsuit, the argument was over a lack of curly fries. Courtesy of Randall Kallinen

The violence broke out when Ramos drove to the restaurant after picking up his wife and son at the airport.

Ramos, a Florida resident, was there to help restore power to the Lone Star State city after Hurricane Harvey and his pregnant wife and daughter flew from Miami to join him there.

“The incident shook the family so much that plaintiff Anthony Ramos quit his job as a contractor in the Houston area and returned to Florida,” the lawsuit states.

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The shooting occurred in 2021 at a fast food restaurant. Courtesy of Randall Kallinen

“Plaintiff saw that after receiving his order from Ford, fries were missing, which led to an escalation of the argument,” the lawsuit states.

Ford was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the lawsuit.

He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor deadly conduct, according to legal documents provided by the family’s attorney.

The victims were shocked by the incident.

“Jack-In-The-Box needs to conduct background checks on employees so as not to expose its customers to someone who would try to kill them,” family attorney Randall L. Kallinen said in a statement.

“These anger cases are getting out of hand in Houston.”

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