How many listeners does Kenia Os have on Spotify?

Kenia Guadalupe Flores Osuna, known as Kenia Os, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, influencer and businesswoman. She was born on July 15, 1999 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Kenia Os began her career as a YouTuber in 2015, creating fashion, beauty, and vlog videos. She quickly became one of the most popular YouTubers in Mexico, with more than 17 million subscribers on her channel.

Then in 2018, Kenia Os launched her music career with the single “Por Siempre.” Her debut album, “Cambios de Luna”, was released in 2022 and reached number one on the Mexican charts.

Kenya Os.

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How many listeners does Kenia Os have on Spotify?

The popularity of the Mexican singer has grown to the point that she is very popular on social networks and music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

On Spotify, Kenya Os has 6,677,599 monthly listeners. Likewise, on YouTube he has 5.31 million subscribers and has 173 videos to date. On Instagram he has 16.2 million followers.

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Kenya Os is also a successful businesswoman. In 2021, she launched her own makeup brand, Kenia Os Beauty. She also has her own clothing line, Kenia Os Shop, and a healthy food business, La Healthy Haus.

Likewise, Kenia Os is an important figure in Mexican pop culture. She is an inspiration to many young Mexicans and is known for her message of female empowerment.

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Kenya Os' best aesthetic outfits throughout her career |  GlamorKenya Os.

Kenya also has a talented family, her sister Eloisa Os is a model and also has a large number of followers on her social networks.

Only two names are known about her personal relationships: Mario Barrón, who was also her manager and with whom she broke up in 2021, and the rapper Gera Mx, with whom the relationship ended at the end of 2022. Since then, her partner has not been known.

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