How to crack bank exams on the first try?

In India’s ever-growing financial sector, banking has increased its opportunities and possibilities. In addition to contributing to the growth of the financial sector, banking also has many career opportunities to offer. The job opportunity includes various administrative, testing and specialist positions in RBI, SBI, IBPS, IBPS RRB and insurance such as LIC, NIACL. Recently, individual banks took recruitment exams to fill the vacancies like Canara, Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda etc. The main advantage of banking jobs is that people from any graduate field can apply for the jobs. All they need is great analytical, reasoning and language skills. With smart time and work management, anyone can crack exams with a full score. Around Rs 1.4 crore applicants attempt the banking exams every year in India.

There are various types of bank exams in the country. IBPS (Institute of Bank Personnel Selection), being the authority that recruits candidates for all public sector banks in India, conducts major exams as IBPS PO (Probationary Officer), IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO (Specialist Officer). Other major exams are from SBI (State Bank of India) as SBI PO and SBI clerk. The IDBI Bank Specialist Cadre Officer and the NABARD Recruitment for ‘A’ Grade Officer are the other main banking exams. The basic qualification for these jobs is a graduation in any field from an affiliated university in India. But more than just a score, we need to improve our skills to crack these types of bank exams.

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To know everything

You should know everything about the exam you are going to attempt such as its full syllabus, the pattern and maximum number of attempts a candidate can take, the levels of the selection process as some of them have three level processes while that some bank exams have two-tier processes, etc. Another important aspect to take care of is the age limit of the candidates.

Time and tide wait for no one!

Time is one of the most important factors in bank exams. You must practice well and reach the pace necessary to write the exam. As all bank exams are online, only very little time is allowed for a certain question and there is no relaxation for the same. Time management is just as important as knowledge acquisition. Time management is not only necessary at the time of the exam but also at the time of preparation. You should break each of the topics and sections into small parts and allocate time to study each of the topics.

practice makes you perfect

Hard work and determination are much needed to crack bank exams on the first try. Practice as many quizzes and mock exams available to make you familiar with the questions and exams which will make it easier for you to answer your questions on time. No matter how proficient you are, you need to answer within the given period to crack these exams. In order to answer the questions at the pace required by the exam, you should practice the tricks and shortcuts where applicable.

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Find the best and the worst

We all have some areas where we can perform well and where we can’t. Identifying the areas and allocating time to them is an important factor when attempting these exams. Weak areas need more concentration and focus. At the same time, don’t underestimate our strong areas. Find time for each of them, but extra time should be given to weak areas. Always remember that each section is equally important in bank exams.

help of a teacher

It would be wise to go for a coaching institute where the experts will guide you towards success. The advantage of choosing a coaching platform is the experienced faculty and experts on offer. They can help you with tips and tricks to succeed. Also, study materials, mock exams, question paper practice will be available in a more effective and organized way. It will be a good option for you to seek help from experienced and talented trainers.

To be updated

Updating your skills and knowledge is a must to crack these exams. Update yourself with the news of the economy and your environment. Reading newspapers and tracking general knowledge can help you with this. You can make use of your digital devices for online news. And the brain teasers and brain teasers can be solved frequently to enrich your thinking skills.

polish your vocabulary

Read and acquire the maximum vocabulary for a good performance in the verbal section.

Familiarize yourself with English newspapers and books to gain good written and spoken English skills. This will not only help you in written exams, but also in interviews, where you can confidently communicate with interviewers.

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focus and win

It’s okay to be nervous and anxious during exams and preparation. But anxiety and nervousness can affect your tests and scores. If you have prepared well, you can succeed. Staying calm during exams and preparing is very important to pass the exam. Not only is your knowledge tested through the exam, but your critical analysis, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills are also tested. These are the skills that require great presence of mind and a logical approach. Therefore, it is very important to keep your mind focused and calm for exams. With these skills, you can easily crack any bank exam on the first try. In this time of pandemic, don’t procrastinate. Instead, use online social platforms like Entri for your group discussions and preparations. The banking profession offers you ample opportunities. Job security, good working conditions and hours, high salary packages and privileges make a banking career a good choice for all enthusiastic and goal-oriented candidates. Challenging jobs like banking are for talented people who are dedicated to their work and who can fight for growth and enrichment in the economy and financial sector. Work hard, be determined and success will be yours.

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