How to grow your auto shop business with SEO

Americans bought nearly 15 million vehicles in 2021, creating a nearly constant need for service and repair. What can service center owners do to enter the market and strengthen their customer base? While there are numerous strategies, none is as powerful as SEO. Below, business owners will find some search engine optimization tips for auto shops.

Keep the website updated

Although auto repair centers do not offer digital services and products, they still need a viable web presence. Even the best SEO strategies are useless without a website. Not having a website is like taking a journey without a destination. To reap the benefits of SEO, store owners need to design a site, optimize it for desktop and mobile, and offer visitors a constant stream of relevant content that answers their questions and addresses their concerns. With this kind of help, growing your auto shop business is easy.

Choose the right keywords

While we are talking about content, you need to focus on certain keywords. A keyword is a phrase or terms that an Internet user enters into a search engine when searching for a product or service. However, finding the right keywords is easier than many people think. With Google Keyword Planner and other great tools, store owners can choose keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, header tags, image tags, and other elements that help websites appear higher in search results. search.

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Give customers something of value

Aside from avoiding unethical SEO methods, giving customers what they want is some of the best advice we can offer. If a store owner’s strategy is focused solely on attracting people without delivering the user experience they were promised, it’s only a matter of time before negative reviews start affecting the store’s search rankings. By focusing on service and giving visitors something of value, homeowners can build a stronger online presence and broader customer base.

Claim the store’s Google My Business listing

While search engine crawlers can detect keywords, they are much better at reading code. That’s why schema markup, a code that explains the meaning of certain phrases and words, is such a powerful SEO tool. Unlike some of the other tools we’ve mentioned, implementing the schema requires a degree of technical skill. If HTML isn’t your forte, consider hiring an expert to implement the code.

Enter social networks

Harnessing the SEO benefits of social media is about more than just being on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It also requires users to have a presence on the question and answer sites. Millions of people use these sites every day, and store owners can build brand awareness by creating a profile and answering questions. Search engines favor authoritative brands, and solving customer problems will position your store as an authority in your field.

Create a better auto repair shop with the help of SEO experts

The events of the past few years have created an economic downturn, and people are keeping their cars longer than ever. As drivers look for ways to maximize the life of their vehicles, repair businesses are expected to experience continued growth. With SEO tips, any auto shop owner can gain a competitive advantage that puts them in a position to attract more customers. Call, click or email to find out how Upswell Marketing can take your store to the next level.

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