How to schedule social media posts like a pro?

How to schedule social media posts like a pro?

Time management is often cited as one of the most important skills in a professional’s toolkit. This is true to a large extent. Time is money, as the old saying goes, and using social media to its fullest is even more money. But how do you do it? How does one find the time to find posts worth sharing and then find the time during the day to do so? Consistently, at that.

The answer is that you need a schedule. Keeping a social media schedule keeps you accountable and ensures you never miss a single deadline. So if you want to create posts keeping in mind your rewards like Facebook ad size and click-through rate, then you are in the right place. However, let’s first define what exactly a social media schedule is.

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is just that. It is software that allows you to plan your posts days or weeks and sometimes even months in advance, helping you keep track of when to post what and find the most optimal times and dates to post what.

Its main advantage is that it allows you to promote things that are yet to come because you know exactly what is coming your way.

Schedule Social Media Posts with Circleboom Publish

Circleboom Publish, as the most comprehensive social media management platform, allows users to schedule images, videos, reels, polls, events, and offers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and TikTok. Easily and quickly.

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You can manage multiple accounts from these supported platforms on Circleboom. Thanks to its integrated tools: Canva, Unsplash and Giphy, you can design content for social networks with templates, filters, effects, images, gifs, animations, stickers, emojis, etc.

You can automate your social media posts thanks to the RSS Feed connection and queue scheduling feature. You can add your RSS feeds and automatically share your blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles. Or, you can set time slots and adjust your queue. You can then automatically and continuously publish your posts within these intervals.

Key features:

  • Multiple account management
  • Twitter thread scheduling
  • Instagram Reels Scheduling
  • Hashtag generator, location tagging, grid post creator
  • LinkedIn Survey Scheduling
  • First comment option
  • Advanced Google Business Profile Posts with CTA Buttons
  • Management of Facebook groups and pages
  • LinkedIn Company Page Tagging
  • RSS feed connection
  • queue scheduling function

consistency is king

On social media, consistency is crucial. The regular publication keeps your name in front of your customers. Consistency will grow your fan base and improve your engagement levels over time. The main problem is that constantly posting without a plan is quite complicated.

A social media calendar lets you know when to post and allows you to collect material ahead of time! It is critical to stay active and involved on social media if you are running a business.

Curate content to publish ahead of time

Procrastination is often the cause of the downfall of many enterprising people. You wait until the last possible moment to find out that you haven’t determined what to put on your social media profiles. This not only causes you stress, but also reduces the quality of your writing.

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You’ll have plenty of time to figure out the best pieces for your audience if you start looking for material weeks in advance. The more time given, the better position you will be in. You can then fill in your planner or calendar based on your plans and requirements to make sure you never get lost.

Track audience engagement

Yes, you can scroll through your past posts and see the number of likes, comments, and shares, and that’s fine, but you only start to find out what your audience likes and wants when you start employing scheduling tools and digging deeper into the analysis of each mail. The software you use will provide you with all the data you need.

Measuring the success of each article is crucial to developing a stronger content strategy. Consider the following scenario: You own a healthcare-related business. If you post about potatoes and how certain recipes can help your health, and you do it right, then you know your audience is hungry for potato content.

Knowing what your audience likes will show you what they want to consume from you, and then you can give them exactly that.

Reuse and recycle your top posts

Do you have to locate a piece exactly the same to post it again if a piece of content does well? Not at all. Instead, consider simply recycling the old item! This may sound like cheating, but it’s a useful technique for publishing proven information.

Because a social media calendar lets you gauge a post’s performance, it also lets you know when to recycle or repost your best stuff. Social media scheduling tools give you quick access to past posts to recycle later.

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Know the right time to post

There is no single solution that can solve all your problems for you. You will have to do the work yourself. Find out when your audience is online with tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. Once you know who you’re marketing your content to, you’ll have a better chance of getting your message across to your audience if you post right before they log in.


It’s hard to keep up with today’s fast-paced social media environment. There’s always something new to read, something new to post, and more people to interact with. Select your times and frequency carefully, and always remember to keep testing and adjusting your approach and style until you find the right balance for your audience and yourself.

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