How to sign up for an SBCGlobal email account?

In today’s digital world, everything has changed about how we communicate. Previously, people could only communicate by speaking directly to each other or over the phone; but in recent times, they have many options to communicate with each other, such as ’email communication’.

Today, communications are carried out between organizations, commercial firms and companies mainly through ‘Emails’. And, if someone is talking about email communication, how can one forget about one of the most popular email service providers i.e. SBCGlobal Email?

SBC Global since 1882 has earned a lot of trust from customers and still continues to provide them with the best email services. Basically, it caters to the demands of all types of email service users, be it an individual or a business group. And, to facilitate the process of accessing email, SBC Global allows its users to access emails from all types of technical devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, so that if users are unable to access a device at a certain time, they can easily connect through other devices immediately.

After reading this, those of you who haven’t tried SBCGlobal’s email service yet, may be wondering what are the email settings for and how can you create an SBC Global email account?

Don’t worry! Keeping all these in mind, below we have mentioned the steps with the help of which one can easily create an SBCGlobal account. However, before that, you should know that there is a connection between SBCGlobal and AT&T.

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AT&T is a big name in the world of “Communication Corporations” as it offers a diversified range of technology services like “Wi-Fi, 4G cell phone network and landline services etc.”

Along with this, AT&T Communication also offers the opportunity for people to access various email services from domains such as:











But, as in this blog, we are only focusing on “SBC Global Email Service”, so let’s just talk about that. SBC Global is also a type of email service account that can be accessed through a subscription to any of the services provided by AT&T Communication. It is because if you have subscribed to Internet technology services, you can automatically get all the add-on mail server settings of the domains mentioned above.

So, as you now know everything about SBCGlobal email service, then without wasting another second, let’s learn how to create a new SBCGlobal email account address with the help of below mentioned steps. Remember, however, that you must successfully perform these steps in the same order given otherwise; You will not be able to set up your SBC Global account or create an email account correctly.

Steps to execute to create a new SBCGlobal email account:

  1. First of all, you need to open the ‘’ page from the Google search engine or from the URL address bar itself.
  1. Once there, you will see the ‘Login Now’ page. Under the login option, you will see “Create AT&T Account”, so just click on the same option to sign up for email account.
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Click 'create at&t account'

  1. After that, you will be directed to a new window where you need to fill Mobile number and postal code option with your particular mobile phone number and postal code/PIN code/postal code. And then you just need to click on the ‘Continue’ option.

Enter mobile phone number and zip code and click Continue

  1. Then in the next window choose the account type as “POP3”.
  2. There enter the incoming and outgoing mail server mentioned below for the POP3 account:
  • For starters:
  • For outgoing:
  1. After that, click ‘Finish’.
  2. Then in the incoming server enter ‘995’ as the incoming mail server port and in the outgoing mail server port enter ‘465’.
  3. Again, click ‘Finish’.
  4. Now, enter your ‘Email Addresses’ and create an alphanumeric ‘Password’ as per your ease, but remember that it should be strong enough to protect your account from easy hacking attempts.
  5. Then the Google bot (web crawling software) will ask you a future security question that can help you with your account recovery.
  6. Once the security question is answered, you must select the ‘OK’ button and ‘Finish’ to save your SBC Global email settings.
  7. You’re done! You can login to your newly created SBC Global email account using the ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.

That’s all! Since you have created your own SBC Global email account, you will now be able to access and enjoy all the features of your SBS Global email account, such as chatting with people, attaching files, and sharing a drive with more than one contact. etc


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