If ‘Sholay’ Was Made In Hollywood: AI-Generated Video Casts Actors From The West And The Internet Has Thoughts

Every Bollywood fan would agree that Sholay is one of the most iconic movies made in the Indian film industry. The cast, the script, the plot and even the songs – everything about the movie has been immensely loved by the audiences in India.

However, would the film stand the test of geography just as it did over time? A curious internet user put this theory to the test and used AI to reimagine what Hollywood’s version of ‘Sholay’ would look like.

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What would the Hollywood version of ‘Sholay’ be like?

Sholay's AI video from Hollywood version goes viralReddit

A Reddit user caused a stir on the internet when he suggested casting options for the film’s main characters. Reddit user ‘ShadyKaran’ thought it was best if Robert De Niro, best known for his role in The Godfather film series, played Jai in the film. For the few who don’t know, Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Jai in Sholay.

Joining Bachchan was his on-screen friend Dharmendra, who played the character of Veeru. For the Reddit user, Al Pacino would better take on the role of Veeru in the Hollywood version of the film. Al Pacino is a legendary Western actor, best known for his Oscar-winning performance in The Godfather.

User used AI to reimagine scenes in Sholay with recast Hollywood actors

The user did not cast these western actors for the film, but also reimagined some of the scenes with AI-generated videos. Artificial intelligence seamlessly added Hollywood faces to the characters in the movie. The most striking was Basanti by Julia Robert.

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The AI-generated video certainly ripped the fabric of reality, as it was clearly a challenge to differentiate what the original cast was to begin with. For the iconic character of Gabber Singh, who was played by Pawan Kalya, the user chose Jack Nicholson for the job. Nicholson has played unhinged characters like Gabbar in the past. For example, his performance in The Shining is still considered one of the most legendary in Hollywood.

What if Sholay was made in Hollywood by u/ShadyKaran on bollywoodmemes

For the final blow, the user cast Kevin Spacey as Thakur Baldev Singh. However, people weren’t too thrilled about it, as the actor is currently on trial for sexual assault. Some felt it was better to cast Marlon Brando as Thakur instead of Spacey. Brando is once again a flavored actor who played a pivotal role in The Godfather franchise.

Comment by u/proven999 from the What If Sholay Was Made In Hollywood discussion on bollywoodmemes Comment by u/youknowwho_i_am from the What If Sholay Was Made In Hollywood discussion on bollywoodmemes

While some joked that Roberts would be cast as Dhanno the mare instead of Basanti, who was portrayed by Hema Malini.

Comment by u/After_Barracuda7449 from the What If Sholay Was Made In Hollywood discussion on bollywoodmemes

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