Is it true that Eduardo Capetillo died? The truth behind the rumor about the death in the Capetillo family

Discover the truth behind the rumor that Eduardo Capetillo died, news that has caused thousands to wonder if the death is true.

Is it true that Eduardo Capetillo died? This is what thousands of fans wonder about the Mexican actor, who has been the protagonist of a rumor that claims the Mexican’s own death at the age of 53.

In recent days, social networks and news sites have witnessed a worrying phenomenon: the spread of false rumors about the death of the well-known Mexican actor, singer and businessman, Eduardo Capetillo.

This heartthrob of Mexican soap operas, born on April 13, 1970 in Mexico City, has been the subject of a series of unverified news that has caused alarm and confusion among his followers and the general public.

Eduardo Capetillo has left a significant mark on the world of entertainment in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries throughout his distinguished career. His beginnings as a model and actor in the 1980s opened the doors of success for him, but it was his participation in the iconic youth group “Timbiriche”, where he took the place of Benny Ibarra, that catapulted him to the top. fame.

Eduardo Capetillo with Thalía.  Photo: MillenniumEduardo Capetillo with Thalía. Photo: Millennium

After his time in “Timbiriche”, Capetillo focused on his acting career, participating in renowned soap operas, such as “Alcanzar una Estrella”, “Alcanzar una Estrella II” and “Marimar”, which established him as a leading man of the screen.

However, one of the most notable moments of his life was his marriage in 1994 to the also famous actress and singer, Bibi Gaytán.

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The wedding of Bibi Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo was the first broadcast on television in Mexico.  Photo: InfobaeThe wedding of Bibi Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo was the first broadcast on television in Mexico. Photo: Infobae

Is it true that Eduardo Capetillo died?

Despite his status as one of the most admired leading men on Mexican television, unfounded rumors about his death emerged in recent days, which spread quickly on social networks.

To date, there is no credible information or confirmation from the Capetillo-Gaytán family regarding the alleged death of Eduardo Capetillo. It is important to note that the last death in the family was a year ago, with the loss of Eduardo Capetillo’s brother.

These types of false rumors, which often go viral on platforms like TikTok, are cause for concern.

Unscrupulous users create videos and posts announcing the deaths of celebrities in order to gain followers and notoriety. A similar case recently occurred with the singer of the group Temerarios, Adolfo Ángel, who was “declared dead” on social networks, despite being performing on his world tour at the time.

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