Is Shin Fujiyama’s girlfriend pregnant? The young woman clarified this

Yeimi Licona, Shin Fujiyama’s girlfriend, has surprised her followers with a photograph she shared through her WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp status of the young woman went viral, showing that the couple is having a pleasant moment, since they are both seen smiling, although the description of the photograph was the one that made their contacts doubt.

“The symptoms give Shin,” the young woman wrote in the photo where the Japanese man is seen lying face up on the floor while the 22-year-old woman from Sampedrana is sitting in a chair.

Yeimy Licona status.

Are you pregnant?

Although from the description, it seems that the stork visited the couple, the truth is that the young woman did it all in jest, clarifying the situation on her Instagram account.

“Hey, I’m not pregnant, leave the room, what I have is a lot of work,” Licona wrote.

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Posts by Shin Fujiyama’s girlfriend.

The young woman has a romantic relationship with him. man of influencewhich is known for its altruistic work of building schools, since April 2023.

She has been Fujiyama’s faithful companion at various events and his unconditional support in his organization in Honduras, which aims to build a thousand schools in rural areas of the country.

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