Jio 5G Vs Airtel 5G Comparison: Plans, Speed, Deals, Pricing, Network

Jio 5G Vs Airtel 5G – Here we compare speeds, plans, deals, prices, network comparison and many other details. It’s been almost four months since the launch of 5G, the next-generation telecommunications service that delivers internet speeds on smartphones that go beyond broadband.

Jio 5G vs Airtel 5G

Only Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, among the telecom companies, have been rolling out 5G services in various cities. BSNL has plans to introduce 5G services in 2024, while Vodafone Idea (Vi) is not pursuing a 5G rollout as aggressively as Jio or Airtel. Continue reading to know more about Jio 5G vs. Airtel 5G.

Following the nationwide launch of 5G services last year, major telcos Airtel and Reliance Jio are gradually rolling out their services in cities. Each network has its strengths in different areas, and Airtel has been serving users across the country for decades. On the contrary, Reliance Jio has a strong track record of offering services at low prices.

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Comparison of Jio 5G and Airtel 5G

This article aims to help you compare Jio 5G vs Airtel 5G in terms of speed, offers, prices, plans, and overall quality. As India rapidly transitions to a 5G network from the existing 4G network, high-speed internet access will soon be available everywhere. Airtel and Reliance Jio, India’s leading telecom companies, currently offer 5G services. Let’s see which company, Airtel or Jio, can emerge victorious in this competition.

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Jio 5G speed vs Airtel 5G

On October 1, 2022, Airtel launched its 5G network operations, while Reliance Jio launched its 5G services on October 5, 2022 in four cities in India. Airtel initially launched its 5G network in eight cities.

When it comes to the speed and coverage of Airtel and Reliance Jio, Reliance Jio seems to have an advantage over Airtel. Jio has invested almost half of the total Rs. 88,000 crores and has secured 700 MHz band coverage, 3.5 Ghz band capacity and 26 Ghz mm-waveband internet speed. According to Ookla Broadcast Speed ​​​​Research, the speed of Jio’s 5G network is usually fast, with an average speed of 600 Mbps, while the average speed of Airtel’s 5G network is 516 Mbps.

Jio 5G plans vs Airtel 5G

Currently, neither Jio nor Airtel have revealed any dedicated 5G plans. It means you can continue to use your current plans while taking advantage of 5G speeds. However, there is a small drawback regarding Jio.

If you are an Airtel customer and own a 5G-enabled device, you can access 5G services without any additional fees. On the other hand, if you are a Jio customer with a 5G compatible phone, you must have an active plan of at least Rs 239 or more to use 5G speeds.

network comparison

Airtel and Jio have a substantial presence across India. Airtel is considered one of the leading telecom service providers in India and has a nationwide presence, while Jio has a significant presence in urban areas and is expanding into rural regions. Both companies have invested significantly in their respective networks and are striving to improve their 5G coverage in the coming months and years.

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In terms of network coverage, Airtel 5G has a significant advantage over Jio 5G. Airtel’s 5G network already covers over 600 cities and towns across the country, making it the provider with the widest coverage. In comparison, Jio 5G is only available in a few cities. However, as Jio continues to expand its network, this may change soon.

Which 5G network is better?

Airtel 5G implements advanced technologies such as Massive MIMO, Carrier Aggregation and 8×8 MIMO to provide high bandwidth and speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Its impressive 2 millisecond latency is suitable for low latency applications such as gaming and streaming. Airtel 5G also has wider coverage than Jio 5G. Its maximum speeds can reach 1.2 Gbps, with a slightly higher latency of 4 milliseconds.

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Ultimately, the choice between Airtel 5G and Jio 5G depends on the specific needs of the user. Airtel 5G is the best option for users looking for speed and coverage, while Jio 5G is the most affordable option.

Jio 5G vs Airtel 5G Eligibility

To use Airtel or Jio 5G, the main requirement is to have a compatible smartphone. Airtel has released a list of devices compatible with its 5G network, while Jio is yet to release such a list. However, every 5G phone launched in 2022 must support Jio’s 5G network. Additionally, the user must be in a location where 5G services are open. Users can check the exact location of 5G services using the maps section of the SpeedTest by Ookla app. If the user meets these requirements and is an Airtel user, he or she can use Airtel 5G services without any additional charges.

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On the other hand, Jio users will have to sign up for the invite-based Jio welcome offer, which offers a 5G experience to select users. Jio will analyze the availability of 5G in the user’s area and the device’s compatibility with Jio’s True 5G network. If everything is supported, the user will be able to access Jio 5G services. Users must enable the 5G option within the settings to use the 5G network on their mobile phones.

Do let us know via the comment section if you have any queries regarding Jio 5G vs. Airtel 5G.

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